Bodybuilder Wade McCrae Washington

Bodybuilder Wade McCrae Washington Makes His Dream Come True

Bodybuilder Wade McCrae Washington Makes His Dream Come True!

Meet Wade McCrae Washington he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth and scoliosis when he was the age of 12.

Cerebral palsy causes involuntary movement’s making the body jerk abruptly, when combined with scoliosis: the curvature of the spine, it makes it very difficult to accomplish everyday tasks.

Wade had every reason to give up.

But even with this disorder he would never let it get the best of him.

He would never give up on his dream to become a bodybuilder.


Since he was 12 he always kept active in sports including basketball.

He refused to fall into a negative mindset as he had seen so many others do.

Instead, he focused on goals that seemed attainable, bodybuilding being one of them.

“I’m glad I chose bodybuilding, because I probably would’ve gotten myself hurt or killed as a wrestler,” Wade Washington said.

Over time, the thought of becoming a bodybuilder grew into something larger and more realistic.

The journey wouldn’t be easy, but Wade knew he had to begin somewhere.

How Wade Washington Got Into Bodybuilding

Wade started by working with a trainer, but hadn’t received the results he’d expected.

He decided to take Plan B in to effect.

One day Wade walked into a gym located in Texas, where a specific banner immediately caught his eye.

Hanging high on the gym’s wall was a white sign that read, “Houston Gym’s own Tina Chandler, 2007 Nationals Champion IFBB” in bold, black lettering.


This banner showed that an individual who trains at the Houston Gym had achieved a professional bodybuilder status in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness.

Wade pictured in his head his own name on that banner and this is where his dream goal was created.

At the gym Wade met the professional bodybuilder named Chandler and they talked about bodybuilding and fitness related goals.

“Wade has this amazing personality that’s so happy, and we match because I’m the same way,” Chandler said.

“I don’t let things get me down. I don’t take things personally. He shows up smiling every day.”

After some time of watching Chandler and learning workout routines for bodybuilding, Wade began to see himself competing on stage one day.

As Wade became for confident in his abilities his training excelled and he maintained a consistent diet.

His friend and trainer Chandler decided to help Wade look for a competition.

They found a newer division called the adaptive divisions in competitions which allowed individuals with prosthetic devices, loss of limbs, and disabilities to compete.

Wade agreed to compete and his first bodybuilding competition was set in stone.

As he prepared for it he began to learn the poses and dieting techniques required to be a bodybuilder.

Winning His First Bodybuilding Competition!

Wade took home the medal and achieved his status as a the first bodybuilder to win in his division!

On July 2, Wade will be competing in his second competition, the Global Bodybuilding Organization’s Zydeco Classic in Louisiana.

Because the organization is a newer federation, the chances of Washington earning pro status have increased.

“My motivation is my coach and trainer, Tina,” Wade said.

“I want to see my banner at Houston Gym put on the wall right next to hers. I want to prove that people who are disabled can do anything they want to do when they work to do it. I’m ready this time. I’m ready to win.”

Check out the awesome video below of Wade McCrae Washington:

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