The Mind Muscle Connection Actually Work

Does The Mind Muscle Connection Actually Work?

Does The Mind Muscle Connection Actually Work?

When we try to build muscle on our physiques we tend to focus a lot on our form, rep speed, and visual changes in the mirror.

All of these factors are known as external focuses that we use to promote and see how fast out muscle are growing.

But what about the internal focuses?

This is were the mind muscle connection comes into play.

The mind and muscle connection is a connection between you brain and you muscles.

In more scientific terms it is a connection that allows you to increase your neuromuscular drive by flexing the brain to induce greater muscle gains.

An example of this can be seen when you are lifting a weight; think of the muscle you are trying to target and mentally connect with the movement and the feeling.

If you are training biceps while doing a bicep curl, you focus your attention onto the biceps brachii muscle and picture in your head the one muscle doing all of the work during the movement.

Even flexing the muscle a little more will help put more emphasis on the movement.

The Theory Behind Mind Muscle Connection:

By employing more thought and intentional contraction to the muscle, more of the power output is shifted from the secondary muscle groups onto the focused muscle group.

Secondary muscle groups during an exercise are not targeted muscle groups but muscles that help aid in the movement.

One study testing this theory had subjects preform abdominal curls while focusing on either their rectus abdominis or obliques.

During this study they found that there was greater activation coincided with whichever muscle they internally focused on.

If they were told to focus more on their ab’s then their abs were activated more during the exercise.

The same thing occurred in the case of their obliques during the exercise.

Another study found that there was signifciatn increase in peak EMG activity in the abdominal muscles during a squat when the subjects were told to brace themselves as if they were going to be punched in the stomach.

Does The Mind Muscle Connection Help Build More Muscle?

There has not been any direct study’s linking the mind muscle connection phenomena to muscle hypertrophy.

However due to the mind muscle connection cause an increase in activity within certain focused muscle groups there is a possibility that it can increase muscle hypertrophy.

Just remember that muscle activation can contribute to muscle growth.


The mind muscle connection can certain provide someone with better focus on their targets muscle group.

But proper form and rep speed should be the main focus first before incorporating any internal focuses.

The mind muscle phenomena can contribute to muscle growth due to its increased focus on a specific muscle group.

However there is no enough evidence from study’s to prove this is actually true.

A good balance been both your internal and external focus’s will help to shape a well rounded physique.

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