Mass Monster Named Craig Golias

Who Is This Mass Monster Named Craig Golias?

Who Is This Mass Monster Named Craig Golias?

Craig Golias is a bodybuilder who took his physique to the next level.

His physique contain’s pure mass that even makes Rich Piana look small.

How did he achieve this size?

Some have accused Golias of using synthol in order to make his muscle’s look the size they do.

Even through there is no proof behind this claim, people make this accusation because of how much mass he put on in such a short time frame.

Every time their is a bodybuilder who makes impressive mass gains there will always be an outcry and accusation of synthol use.

Check out the video below of Golias training:

Golias currently weigh’s around 310 lbs and can drop to 270 lbs as his contest weight.

He is 6’3″ tall and loves training his chest.

His favorite food’s are mass gainer shakes, white rice, and of course meat!

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