How Many Times A Week Should You Workout?

How Many Times A Week Should You Workout?

How Many Times A Week Should You Workout?

You may have heard mixed opinions on this subject.

Some people will say training every day of the week is bad.

While other say training as much as you can will be more beneficial.

In this article we are going to help give you an answer to this confusing question.

We all know how important rest days are in a busy workout schedule.

Rest days allow us to recover and are very important in any workout routine.

Remember the old saying that strength and muscle don’t grow in the gym.

They grow outside of the gym.

To be more specific growth actually occurs while you are sleeping!

So How Much Rest Do You Need?

The amount of rest you need really depends on your level of training.

For example if you only speed walking on a tread mill for 20 mins each day than the amount of rest you need to recover is less than someone who is in the gym training with heavy weight for an hour or more.

There are two factors that you need to take into account when determining how much rest you need.

These two factors are your:

  1. Intensity
  2. Volume

The intensity of your workout is determine by how much weight or how heavy the weight is you are using.

The volume is your intensity times the number of reps and sets you are doing.

For example:

Volume = Intensity x Rep x Sets

If you are doing a lot of high intensity (till failure ) training than you should be resting more often.

When building strength you will be lifting heavier weights in the gym causing your body to become more fatigued.

The reason your body is fatigued is because it demands more recovery time to grow.

As your volume increase in the gym so does your fatigue level.

If you go to long without enough rest than your body reaches a level where your fatigue increase and your performance decreases.

This is where you become tired all of the time even when you aren’t at the gym.

This is also known as over training and you can actually lose muscle.

How Much Is Enough Rest?

Typically 48 hours is enough time for muscles to recover.

Studies have shown that this is enough time for protein synthesis (the body’s process of building muscle) to run its course.

So What Is The Optimal Workout Routine?

A workout routine known as Bro Split has been very beneficial for some people.

It allows you to train 4-5 days a week without running into over training.

The Bro Split program also gives your muscle groups enough time to recover before training them again.

How Does The Bro Split Program Work?

The Bro Split program works by training your muscle groups that involve a pulling motion first.

For example training back and biceps on a Monday and than training chest, triceps, and shoulders on a Tuesday.

Wednesday would be a rest day and than you would start Thursday off with a pull day again and Friday with a push day.

Your legs would be trained on the Saturday following another rest day on Sunday.

If you look at the diagram below you can see how the program is split up throughout the days of the week:

This program will allow you to his each muscle group at least twice in the week which research has shown to be more optimal for muscle and strength growth.

However keep in mind that Bro Split workout routines are not completely immune to building fatigue levels.

If you are doing a Bro Split style routine and noticing your fatigue levels are increase than taking an extra rest day or changing the intensity and volume of your training can help.

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