Bodybuilder Buying Weekly Supply of Food

Bodybuilder Buying Weekly Supply of Food For Only $50

Bodybuilder Buying Weekly Supply of Food For Only $50!

Making sure you buy enough food for you diet can be tough and costly.

If you struggle meeting the cost for the amount of protein require for your muscle building career than you have come to the right place.

In this article we have found a video where a bodybuilder named Frank McGrath shows you how to save money and still meet your diet needs.

We understand that protein is one of the most pricey foods in your diet, which takes up a large portion of your budget.

Frank give you some tips when it comes to food choices that you can go with to save money.

For example shopping for deals on ground beef is always good!

In today’s society you can download apps such as Flipp which can give you current deals on foods in grocery stores near you.

The Budget Challenge!

See the video below where animal sponsored IFBB bodybuilder Frank McGrath accepts a tricky challenge.

What is the challenge you ask?

Well Frank has to try and purchase all of his food for his diet with only $50.

Will he be able to complete it?

Watch to find out:

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