Steve Cook Explains The Truth About Crossfit

Steve Cook Explains The Truth About Crossfit

Steve Cook Explains The Truth About Crossfit!

Crossfit is often criticized for its exercises producing bad form and potential injury’s down the road.

It gets a lot of bad press on Facebook and other social media platforms because bodybuilders see it as a bit of a joke.

Bodybuilders think of it as the complete opposite to building muscle.

For example:

Bodybuilding is all about building muscle size, conditioning, and proportion.

While crossfit is seen more as building strength, endurance, and athleticism.

The real question is, is crossfit really that bad for bodybuilders?

We have found a video where a Mr Olympia men’s physique competitor and also one of the most successful people in the fitness industry talks about the truth behind crossfit.

Steve Cook is not a mass monster but he is a professional physique competitor.

Being a men’s physique competitor he still knows what is involved in bodybuilding.

He goes on to say in the video below that:


“Bodybuilders can learn from Crossfit…
…Crossfitters can learn from bodybuilders”

See the video below where Steve Cook sheds some truth on the topics of bodybuilding and crossfit.

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