Zinc Is Essential In Preserving Life

New Study Shows That Zinc Is Essential In Preserving Life!

New Study Shows That Zinc Is Essential In Preserving Life.

Author: Brandon Vitelli

This article will discuss what Zinc is and how it affects the body. It will also cover a recent finding in regard to Zinc being an essential metal that can preserve life.

What Is Zinc?

Zinc is a metal that the body can absorb in small amounts. The body requires a certain amount of Zinc in order to function optimally. Zinc has been known to have a variety of different health benefits when taken regularly.

The majority of Zinc in the human body is found in the brain, muscles, kidney, liver, bones, and prostate. Interestingly semen contains very large amount of Zinc. Zinc comes in a variety of different ingest-able and ointment based products. The most widely used form is from a pill based supplement. It is recommended by the Food and Nutrition Board that men and woman who are ages 14 and up take anywhere between 6.8-9.4 mg of Zinc a day.

What Else Has Zinc Been Used For?

Zinc is also used to help against asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Zinc has also been known to improve athletic performance and muscular strength. This is a very interesting point because Zinc is found in most testosterone boosting supplements on the market as a small fraction of its ingredient’s. Zinc has powerful hormone regulating ability’s on the body. It can help to improve prostate health and prevent male pattern baldness in men. Another health benefit of Zinc is its ability to boost the body’s immune system. Since it has such a strong effect on the body’s immune system, supplementing with Zinc can help decrease your chances of catching a cold.

What Happens If You Have A Zinc Deficiency?

Most Zinc deficiencies usually occur in diets that have less zinc-rich foods. Eating more foods with larger amounts of Zinc content in them will prevent a deficiency. Some Zinc rich foods can be seen as meats and seafood’s with Oysters containing the largest amount. Vegetarians are at a higher risk of developing a Zinc deficiency because they tend to eat food sources that are lower in Zinc such as plant-based foods.

Low zinc levels can cause infertility in men as well as depression. It is very important to make sure you are eating foods rich in Zinc. If you cannot get enough of the foods contain Zinc than supplementing with this metal is strongly recommend. There are some very interesting bod indicators when it comes to having a Zinc deficiency. One is the craving of salty or sweeter foods. While others might experience white lines or markings on their nails as seen in the picture below:

Where Does Zinc Come From?

Zinc is mined from the ground like any other common metal. Some countries possess more Zinc than others. Countries like China and Australia contain the most Zinc deposits in the world.

A total of 70% of the worlds Zinc comes from mining while the other 30% is from recycled secondary Zinc. During the minding process some Zinc is heated to a certain temperature in order to make Zinc oxide. Zinc Oxide is used for skincare applications and other uses.

Recent Study On Zinc Finds Health Benefit To DNA.

In a recent study it was found that a small amount of 4 milligrams a day of extra Zinc can have incredible impacts on your cellular health. Cellular health means that it is helping your body to fight of diseases and infections through the enhanced production and repair cells. Zinc does this by slowing down the amount of DNA strands that a broken down on a day to day basis. DNA is what makes up who we are and how your body’s work. It is the blueprint for life.

The study:

During a randomized controlled study that lasted six weeks long, scientists were able to measure the impact that Zinc had on the human metabolism. They did this by counting the number of DNA strands that broke on a day to day basis. After finding the number to strands that broke they measured the damaged DNA strands while the controlled group was supplementing with Zinc. They were able to determine how effective Zinc was at lessening the amount to strands that broke. The results had shown that it is more beneficial to your health to supplement with Zinc.


Zinc is a very important metal for the body. If you aren’t getting enough Zinc through food than supplementing with it is necessary. New studies and health benefits are continuously being discovered about Zinc. So don’t miss out on the health benefits that Zinc has to offer.


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