The 51 Year Old Friendship: Arnold And Franco

Friendship: Arnold And Franco

The 51 Year Old Friendship: Arnold And Franco

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Colombo have been friends for a very long time.

They both own a total of nine Mr. Olympia titles and are known as bodybuilding legends from the classic era.

Arnold and Franco met in Germany in 1965.

It was from than that they would meet again in the United States four years later.

They both started a bricklaying business and later when Arnold got married in 1986, Franco was his best man.

Below are some pictures of Arnold and Franco long lasting friendship over the years:

A shot of Arnold and Franco with their brick laying business

Arnold and Franco in a posing class together. This shot was taken in the movie Pumping Iron.

Arnold and Franco still friends to this day.

See the video below where Arnold and Franco talk about their life time friendship.

They even visit a brick wall that they remember building back when they use to have their old business.

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