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Dorian Yates Is Building A Monster And His Name Is Dan Cristian

Dorian Yates Is Building A Monster And His Name Is Dan Cristian

Can picking the right coach really make all the difference in the world of bodybuilding?

Most bodybuilders will talk about genetics being the only important component in becoming a professional in the sport.

Some of this is true to an extent however there are other factors that come into play when it comes to building muscle and becoming a professional.

You may have heard the expression before of diet being 70% of muscle building and training being 20% while the other 10% is mental.

Bodybuilding is as much training and dieting as it is when it comes to your DNA.

If you rely solely on your genetics you will not go very far in the sport.

The perfection combination of work in the gym and dedication to diet will compliment superior genetics.

Dan Cristian is following this very idea while being trained a legendary champion Dorian Yates.

Dorian Yates Was An Unbeatable Bodybuilding Behemoth During His Prime.

He was a pro since the eighties into the late nineties and became the Olympia champion to beat after the long reign of Lee Haney.

Dorian fully understood what he needed to do in order to bring himself to the next level and keep his place at the top.

This is where a new era was brought forth, the era of the mass monster.

These mass monsters where able to construct massive muscles on their physique while getting shredded with paper thin skin.

This is the same kind of physiques that we see on stage to this very day.

Since Dorian is retired he has been putting his time into training new bodybuilders and molding their physiques into massively muscled pieces of art.

Dan Cristian being one of his students and still only being an amateur bodybuilder, he has proven himself to be a true competitor with the kind of potential to contend with others in the professional ranks.

Training under Dorian Yates has definitely allowed him to take his physique to the next level.

Dan seems to be taking a page out of his coach’s book and is looking to build up a massively muscled physique, a lot of his focus on building an impressive back.

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