Inside The Shadow

Dorian Yates – Inside The Shadow

Dorian Yates – Inside The Shadow!

Dorian Yates has had a major impact on the bodybuilding realm.

He is known as the phenomenon from the UK who impacted the transition era of bodybuilding like no other.

The Shadow Of Dorian.

Dorian Yates earned his bodybuilding title and fame from his behavior.

He has a very exclusive kind of training set him apart from other bodybuilder.

Behind the shadows Yates was building his art piece in secret, only to reveal when it counted.

Below if a picture of a statue that someone has made for Yates representing him has a beast not to be reckoned with!

Check out this awesome trailer for a movie staring Dorian called “Inside The Shadow”.

When Dorian hit the age of 54 he has proven himself to be quite introspective.

He began to reflect on his bodybuilding career and started looking beyond the life of bodybuilding.

Through his realization he reveals the realities of the sport in candid interviews, and delving into world travel.

Dorian’s approach to life demonstrates a healthy example for others who are interested in not just chasing the cosmetic look of a muscular physique, but also life long longevity.

This movie will show you how this mindset led him to new experiences that others would not consider.

Life can become very boring when you retire from a sport you were so good in.

As you grow older it becomes hard to maintain muscle mass.

Before The Film.

Before Dorian built this film he had a very successful bodybuilding career.

He built his bodybuilding career from his own determination and struggle from starting at the beginning as everyone else does.

Dorian gained his addiction to weight lifting after spending six-months a youth detention center at a very young age.

His story can almost be compared to how Arnold has been sent tot he military and still managed to continue working out and building his physique.

Even sneaking out of the military base on night so he could compete in a bodybuilding competition that he won.

The film called “Inside The Shadow” staring Dorian will be something people can watch to gain an understanding that bodybuilding isn’t everything especially after retirement.

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