5 Back Exercises

5 Back Exercises You Should Add To Your Back Routine!

5 Back Exercises You Should Add To Your Back Routine!

If you have been on a steady workout routine for some times now and are looking to take it to the next level than you found the right article!

This article will give you 5 back exercises that will help to improve strength and muscle growth.

If you are already doing these 5 exercises than we would still recommend that you look over the article because there might be some tips and pointers you may not have known about.

These back exercises are¬†mean’t to stimulate the latissimus muscle into growth.

Some of the exercises are compound movements while others are more concentrated isolation movements.

Lets get into it!

#1 Deadlifts

Now with deadlifts it is very important to have good form.

Some people can make the mistake of arching their back which can cause injuries down the road.

A slight curvature in the back proffered when doing deadlifts.

Deadlifts are a great back exercise because they build both strength and muscle.

This is one of the compound exercises you should be doing on your back days.

When we say compound exercise we mean that it incorporates the whole body in order to do the exercise.

An awesome tip to remember is before you lift the bar off of the floor make sure you take a deep breath and hold it in.

This can increase your stability while doing your reps.

Check out the video below of the 5 most common deadlifting mistakes:


#2 Meadows Rows

John Meadows is a bodybuilder who has been known for his influential advice when it comes to training and dieting.

He has a very unique way of doing rows.

Its so unique that he named them meadow rows!

Meadow rows are done with a T-bar machine except you aren’t using the T-bar machine like you normally would if you were doing T-bar rows.

Instead think of it as doing one-arm dumbbell rows but with the end of the T-bar machine.

This exercise is an isolation movement to target each lat separately.

If you do this exercise enough you will add size and definition to your back!

Check out the video below where John Meadows shows you how to do Meadow Rows:

#3 J Pulldowns

This is a very simple back exercise to complete and the benefits of doing this exercise are incredible!

By kneeling in front of a tricep pull down on the universal gym set, make sure the pulley it at the top of the machine.

Once you have that set up rotate your torso forward very slightly and grab the rope as if you where doing to do a stiff pulldown or knelling motion with the triceps extensions.

If that sounds confusion you can check out the video below where it shows you perfectly!

This exercise is very effective as working the lats and you will feel the squeeze in the latissimus muscles every repetition.

See the video below:

#4 Lat Pull-ins

Now you have probably heard of the basic lat pull down which most people start with one back days.

However we are going to show you an exercise called lat pull-ins.

This exercise places resistance directly on the outer side of the body.

It does this by the inward pull motion you make on each repetition.

In order to complete this exercise you will need to replace a lat pull down bar with a single handle grip.

Attach the handle grip to the clip of the lat pull down machine and sit with you side facing the front of the machine.

Pull downward towards your oblique with the handle.

Check out the video below:

#5 Dumbbell Incline Rows

This is another very straight forward exercise.

All you need to do to complete these is find an incline bench and lay flat on it with your stomach.

Place two dumbbells on either side of you and grab them with your hands.

While you arms are handing with the weight of the dumbbells begin to full upward until you reach the top.

Continue this for as many repetitions as you desire.

This exercise is great for increasing your back strength and thickness because it targets your whole back.

The smaller muscles of the mid and upper back are also worked during this exercise.

These muscles are very important because they are often over looked.

Check out the video below on how to do incline dumbbell rows:

There you have it!

The 5 back exercise you needed to know in order to increase your back strength and size!

Try adding some of these exercises into your workout routine and watch your lats grow.

These exercises were picked because most people don’t do them in the gym and they are often overlooked.

If you have been doing them already let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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