Synthol Injection Caught On Camera

WATCH: Synthol Injection Caught On Camera

WATCH: Synthol Injection Caught On Camera!

If you don’t know what Synthol is we will give you a little information on it.

Synthol is a site enhancement oil.

By site enhancement we mean it only makes the area you are injecting it into bigger.

Synthol is comprised of 85% oil, 7.5% lidocaine, and 7.5% alcohol.

Bodybuilders tend to use it in order to fast rack size on their physique.

**Watch Video Below**

Most people have seen Synthol freaks over the internet.

They are people who have freakishly large looking arms and chests but no other muscle groups.

Synthol doesn’t help the muscle group naturally.

It is an artificial enlarger made from nothing beneficial.

Some bodybuilders use small amounts of it in order to bring up genetically weaker areas.

But others use so much of it they actually cause large cysts to form in there muscles that need to be drained.

Synthol use is typical kept in the shadows because of its bad reputation.

In today’s post we have a very rare video of someone who is actually injecting this substance into their muscles.

See the video below:

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