The Rock In The New Baywatch Trailer

The Rock In The New Baywatch Trailer – Looking Like A Beast

The Rock In The New Baywatch Trailer!

The new Baywatch film combines action, humor, and sexy into one film.

If you haven heard about the new Baywatch film set to release this May 26th, 2017 than you will NOW!!

This new version of Baywatch has both “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron as characters in the film.

The Rock looking like his usual beastly self and Zac looking like the lady’s man he always has been.

However both actors are bringing their body’s to the big screen.

Zac had been training and growing his physique specifically for this film.

He started a nutritional plan to get as shredded as possible!

You can even check out Zac Efrons workout routine for the new Baywatch film “here”.

Dwayne already being huge even looks like he managed to squeeze some more size on his physique.

This movie will definitely something for the ladies to look at!

But there is always plenty for the dudes as well.

You can check out the Official Trailer below:

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