Physique Competitor Sadik Hadzovic

Physique Competitor Sadik Hadzovic Looking Huge In His Offseason

Physique Competitor Sadik Hadzovic Looking Huge In His Offseason

Sadik Hadzovic is a very aesthetic bodybuilder.

He is an IFBB Arnold Spots Festival champion and a 2 time Mr. Olmypia physique title holder.

Sadik has made a change into the new division called “Classic Physique” where he placed 3rd.

The Classic Physique category is different when compared to the bodybuilding and men’s physique categories.

It is more in the middle between the two.

Sadik is a very humble individual and he accepts failure in the sport.

He believes failure is always possible and it makes the individual better at what they do.

Classic Physique Division.

Once the new bodybuilding category had opened up know one knew exactly what the judges were looking for.

The ideal physique for classic physique was unknown.

When all of the competitors competed in the category for the first time they brought their best package to see what the judges wanted.

After the judges made their decisions and the winner was chosen, athletes knew exactly what they needed to do in order to win.

Sadik after placing 3rd in the category was hungry for the first place trophie and will stop at nothing to achieve it.

The bar had been set and Sadik knows what changes must be made to his physique.

Since it is his offseason period to build muscle mass, he taking advantage of this period to grow.

You can tell from Sadik’s pictures in his social media posts that he is getting bigger!

He is putting in the hard work and the judges will be shocked at how much his physique has changed.

Watch the video below where Sadik is putting in hard work and looking absolutely huge!

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