Rich Piana Gets Attacked

Rich Piana Gets Attacked At LA Expo 2017

Rich Piana Gets Attacked At LA Expo 2017!

Rich Piana owner of 5% Nutrition and monster bodybuilder gets sucker punched at the LA Expo.

At the LA Expo Rich was minding his own business taking care of his 5% booth.

He was taking pictures with his fans and signing hats when an individual named Mac Trucc calls Rich out.

At this point people are pulling their phones out hoping to capture something internet worthy.

Rich tell’s Mac to take a walk with him outside (AKA scrap).

Mac continues to smack talk Rich and Rich calls Mac scared.

Right after Rich makes that comment, the next thing you know it…. BAM!

Mac throws a sucker punch right at Rich’s face.

We don’t know a lot about Mac Trucc however it seems that he is a YouTuber like Rich.

But without the mass amount of viewers.

It also seems that Mac has been in a few video with Rich on Rich’s YouTube channel.

It is interesting to see why these two who looked like they were friends, ended up with so much tension.

See the video below where Mac throws a punch at Rich’s face (The punch takes place at 0:33):

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