Best Of Jujimufu

Best Of Jujimufu – This Bodybuilder Is Absolutely Insane

Best Of Jujimufu – This Bodybuilder Is Absolutely Insane!

Most young aspiring bodybuilding athletes don’t have a larger life goal.

They only want to get bigger and better than their buddies.

Focusing only on their chest and arms.

However there are only a few bodybuilders who have really mastered the sport in every area.

Jon Call is one of them.


“It’s like strength training,” Call says. “If you want to deadlift, the first thing you should do is deadlift. If you want to do a split, you just have to get into the position and keep working on it.”

Being able to do the splits really helps with his Taekwondo competitions.

Jon Call now 30 years old has made his fame through instagram.

He is known now as Jujimufu which is a strange name he made for himself from simply bashing the keyboard as a teen.

He weights 230 lb’s and stands 5’11” tall.

Jon is becoming a rising fitness celebrity because of his personality, gymnast stunts, unique lifting videos!

Jon has the body of a strongman and the flexibility of a professional gymnast.

He gets a lot of his fame from performing insanely acrobatic acts while screaming hilarious, crude catchphrases to pump himself up.


Below is a compilation of Jon Call (Jujimufu) best moments, enjoy!

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