Building Better Wheels – 2017 Quad Busting Workout

Building Better Wheels – 2017 Quad Busting Workout!

Most of us know the famous saying “pain it temporary and glory is forever”.

Well you don’t truly experience pain until the days following your leg training.

But having huge quads is something to be proud of.

It shows that you put effort into your leg training and you maximize your potential in your leg workouts.

In this post we are going to give you some very important tips to maximize your quad growth.

It’s 2017 and why not start the new year off with making your quads grow faster!

Below are some very crucial tips when it comes to training your quads.

Read and remember them for your next leg training session:

Important Point #1: Feet Placement

You can effectively target your quads better by doing closing in your foot width.

When you are doing leg press having a closer foot width will take less of the load off of your calves and hamstrings and put more on your targeted muscle group.

By pressing through your forefoot rather than your heels you will hit more of your quads.

Important Point #2: High Repetitions

Increasing your repetitions in your quad workouts will help them respond better to growth.

You can try to aim for 25 reps rather than 12.

The purpose of increasing the reps is to keep a consistent tension on the muscle.

A constant tension on the muscle will help to create micro tears in the muscle fibers.

When on leg press do not lock out your legs.

This can damage your knee’s in the future.

Remember to keep your mind muscle connection strong because your quads will burn!

Always push through the pain unless it doesn’t feel right.

Important Point #3: Increase The Weight

If you are getting 25 repetitions in easy with the weight you are using you need to increase it.

You should be at a point where on the 25th rep you are absolutely pushing it.

I mean wobbly legs and maybe even a spotter helping assist you on the last couple reps.

The Strip Set!

A very good technique to use once a month is strip sets on leg press.

Doing a strip set on leg press is fairly simple for the people stripping the weight.

But for the person pushing the weight… not very much.

In order to do a strip set you must load the leg press with enough weight where you can do 10-12 reps.

Once you complete 10-12 reps with that weight, you or two other people need to strip one plate off each side of the press.

Once a plate is taken off each side, you do another set of 12-15 reps.

This process is continued and the repetitions are increased up until there is one plate left.

The only rest you take is while the plated are being stripped.

Other than that you must continue to press the weight until you get down to the last plate.


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