7 Amazing Tips to Master Sumo Deadlifts

7 Amazing Tips to Master Sumo Deadlifts

7 Amazing Tips to Master Sumo Deadlifts

Even if you do not want to go for competition, sumo is a powerful exercise that you can use to develop your hips and entire posterior. Usually, this exercise is meant for a lifter who likes a squatter build. For instance, if you have hips and thicker legs, you can do sumo quite well. However, conventional pulls are suited for taller, slim lifters with long legs and arms. More so, huge lifters with bigger stomachs have a challenge. Sumo stance is, therefore, the best way to get them to the bar without their stomach getting into the way.


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Some of the advantages of sumo deadlift include

  • It exercises the hips much better.
  • It reduces the pull’s range of motion.
  • As compared to others, it’s less stressful at the back.

Here are some of the best tips to learn sumo deadlift.

Tips To Learn Sumo Deadlift

1. Set Up

This is perhaps the most important part of the deadlift. It’s even more critical in sumo lift because it’s rather more technical than conventional. Although there are people having a bad muscle form, it’s hard to see this in sumo. A good sumo deadlift starts with a nice setup and dialing. Remember, a good setup will definitely lead to a good lift. The good thing is that every deadlift is an opportunity to become better.

2. Get Tight


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Just like any workout or deadlift, it’s important to create tension and know how to use every muscle in your body to get tight. If everything is not tight then power will escape out of your body. The more you learn this, the more success you will get. Your body should be like a stone so that everything is tight. One of the best ways to do this is to use the best weight lifting belt. This special belt will not only ensure that you remain tight but will also hold your spine together.

3. Point The Toes Out

Do not just duck your toes every time as this will make it difficult to create tension. However, it’s not advisable to keep your toes straight since this might make the bar an inch in front of you thereby making things harder. If you turn your toes out a bit, you can put the bar on the smooth part of your lower shin. This will set the position for a smoother pull and allow the bar to be closer to the body.

4. Find Your Stance


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When starting out, ensure that your knees are out of the way. While most people require a more moderate stance, geared lifters can succeed by getting a little wider. The sumo deadlift is easier to lock out but harder to get moving off hence do not move so wide that you cannot move the bar.

5. Get Your Body Behind The Bar


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After knowing your hip position, you need to start leveraging yourself behind the bar. The more your body weight is forward the more challenging it will be to lock it out. If your chest and head are in front, it will be very hard to finish the lift. The best way to position your body weight is to pull your body down before the lift and then pull the bar up. This not only help in keeping the tension but also prevents your hips from shooting up and your upper back from collapsing.

6. Spread The Floor


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When it comes to this, all that matters is using your glutes and your hips and not your lower back. You need to know how to spread the floor since this will prepare your hips to lift. Doing this is very important since it will help break the weight off the floor, make the bar move, and keep the tension on the hips. Normally, the hardest part of this exercise is the start. So, it’s very important to be patient. It’s also advisable to force your knees out of the way as you move close to a lockout. Remember, the key to this is using your glutes and hips.

7. Learn The Opposite Stance

If you are practicing sumo, you need to focus on building your conventional strength for at least some months. Once you are done, you can spend a few more months in building your sumo strength. Thankfully, these two styles can support one another such that you will not end up with a huge imbalance between sumo deadlift strength and conventional strength. More so, incorporate the semi-sumo stance deadlift every now and again.

8. Get Strong Off The Floor

In this kind of exercise, you can never build strength on the floor. The stronger you become the quicker you will be moving the bar. This will, therefore, improve your opportunities of getting a lockout and also make you hold a proper position on the floor. However, what improves a deadlift is different among different lifters. Some options are leg presses, pause deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats, back squats, deficit deadlifts, sumo squat, snatch grip deadlifts and front squats.

9. Improve Your Lockout Strength

It is normally very hard to pull the bar in a perfect position. Moreover, a great percentage of lifters will find their spinal buckles before a liftoff, therefore, making it harder to achieve a lockout. So, for you to be as strong as possible you need to lock out strength. What improves this often varies from one person to another. However, some of them include weighted back extensions, American deadlifts, barbell glute bridges, banded deadlifts, block pulls, among others.

10. Concentrate On A Technique

For you to improve your sumo deadlift, you need to choose a particular muscle and strengthen it. But it’s even better if you work on a technique instead of doing targeted movements for specific muscle. Instead of doing many targeted back movements or spinal extensions, just work on pulling a strong arch until it becomes automatic.


Some of the best tips to learn sumo deadlift include setting up, getting tight, pointing your toes out, finding your stance, spreading the floor, concentrating on one technique and improving your lockout strength. Do not forget about using the best weight lifting belt. If you practice these, you will succeed within no time.


10 Amazing Tips to Master Sumo Deadlift

10 Best Tips To Learn Sumo Deadlift

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