Huge Bodybuilder Does An Incredible Split Jump

Huge Bodybuilder Does An Incredible Split Jump In Mid-Air

Huge Bodybuilder Does An Incredible Split Jump In Mid-Air!

Posing is a very large component to bodybuilding competitions.

Bodybuilders spend countless weeks and months preparing for a show that happens on a single day.

They must makes sure their poses are perfect in order to do well during the judging.

It’s like the old saying goes “practice makes perfect”.

Bodybuilders need to practice their posing every day to make sure they have it spot on.

Any incorrect poses will cause them to lose points lowering their score and placing in the competition.

During their contest they are allowed a 60 second posing routing and a pose-down with the other competitors on stage.

Popular bodybuilder Kai Greene has been known to have incredible posing routines because of his flexibility and movements.

If you haven seen any of his work we decidedly suggest checking him out “here

In this post we show you some incredibly from a bodybuilder by the name of Dallas McCarver.

McCarver is 260lb stage ready, which is incredibly big!

In the video we have linked below he does the splits in mid-air during a pose-down with other competitors.

Skip to 0:40 to see this guys amazing acrobatics!

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