Amino Spiking Scandal

Amino Spiking Scandal: Are You Being Ripped Off?

Well Are You Being Ripped Off?

Back in early 2015 the talk of the fitness realm on the internet was about “amino spiking”.

If you have never heard about the the scandal we will give you a little refresher.

Certain protein companies were not being honest with their customer on the quality of protein they were selling.

In fact they were not putting good quality protein into their products and ripping off their buyers.

The protein they were using was not optimal for building muscle making the powders useless for bodybuilders and other athletes.

Instead of using high quality protein they were filling the powders with a cheaper amino formula.

This downgrading of good quality protein in order to maximize profit was called “amino spiking”.

Even With Protein Content Test’s The Products Still Showed Up Packed With Protein…

When protein supplements are tested for there protein content they were still testing high and packed with protein even though being spiked with amino’s.

The reason for this is because the amino’s actually showed up as a part of the entire protein content of the product.

The thing about this whole scandal is that it wasn’t just with the cheap protein powders you could get from local grocery stores.

Top brands such as Muscle Pharm were caught doing this as well.

Some of their products only contained half of the amount of protein they claimed to be in it.

Just because you think you are getting better quality protein from buying a more expensive brand doesn’t mean you are getting your money’s worth.

See the video below, so you can make sure you are not getting ripped off:

Also check out the in depth article on this whole scandal “here

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