6 Foods That Will Get You Shredded

Check Out These 6 Foods That Will Get You Shredded

6 Foods That Will Get You Shredded!

Most people know that protein is very important in losing weight and getting shredded.

It also helps to preserve muscle mass during a diet.

Great protein sources are chicken, beef, fish, and sometimes whey protein.

But protein is not the only thing you need to eat to get leaner.

Protein is only a single component to any diet.

You still need to be eating other food sources to make sure you are getting enough nutrients.

In this post we are going to show you 6 food sources you can add to your protein in order to lose weight.

If you are able to eat any of these food sources with enough protein than you will be on your way to getting shredded!

#1 Pineapple

Yes pineapple is a great food source to have in your diet.

It is extra good to eat it after a workout because of its sugar content.

The sugar will help to boost your insulin levels directly after your workout helping nutrients to absorb into the muscles.

Pineapples also act as a digestion aid.

They contain an enzymes known as bromelein that helps to breakdown and absorb protein.

#2 Water

Water is something you should be consuming whether your on a diet or not.

It has been shown that consuming more water helps to build muscle because it hydrates cells in the body.

Keeping your cells hydrated will ensure that they can work at optimal level.

If you are dehydrated you won’t be able to lift heavy weights.

That is why you feel light headed when you haven’t consumed a lot of water.

Drinking water during your workout is important as well because while you are sweating you are losing fluids from your body.

If you are the person to have sugary soft drinks during your meals try switching to a glass of water.

It will help you keep your body’s fluids at a healthy level.

#3 Coffee

Almost every pre-workout contain caffeine.

Most bodybuilders drink pre-workouts because of this caffeine content giving them energy boosts to lift heavier weight.

But even drinking a cup of coffee can have the same effect in energy as a pre-workout.

Coffee helps to increase endurance and improves your focus.

Drinking a cup of coffee a day can also help in weight loss because of the boost in energy helping you stay more alert and active.

#4 Olive Oil

Olive oil is a healthy form of mono-saturated fats.

You can add to almost any food you want.

Believe it or not but olive oil actually helps reduce the effects of muscle breakdown in the body.

On a calorie deficit diet it is very important to make sure you are not losing muscle mass.

Try using olive oil as a topping in your salads or other foods.

You might find it’s a tastier change!

#5 Oysters

Oysters are very high in both protein and fat.

However they are a great source of zinc.

Zinc helps to promote protein synthesis in the body.

It also helps to increase your body’s natural testosterone levels.

Oysters also digest at a slower rate keeping you feeling fuller longer.

#6 Quinoa

Quinoa is packed with fiber and protein making it a super food for weight lifters.

It has a high magnesium content giving it similar benefits to the body just as zinc.

However qunioa is higher in carbs so you will have to be careful as to how much of it you consume on a daily basis.

It’s very easy for your body to digest and it contains amino acids.

Amino acids are an essential building block in protein synthesis which is the process of building muscle.

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What Are Fat Burners?

Fat burners are supplements that you can purchase in supplement stores in order to help promote fat loss.

Most fat burning supplements contain caffeine as well as other ingredients.

Caffeine promotes fat loss through elevating the body’s heart rate during physical activity.

This causes the body to sweat more and burn more calories.

When the body is trying to cool itself down it is using energy by burning calories.

Fat burners also have an effect on helping to speed up the body’s metabolism and reduce your appetite.

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