Phil Heath's Twin Brother

Could This Be Phil Heath’s Twin Brother? – He Claims To Be 100% Natural!

Could This Be Phil Heath’s Twin Brother? – He Claims To Be 100% Natural!

Donte Franklin is a bodybuilder who is referred to as “Phil Heath’s younger brother”.

He got this label because of the similarities between genetics not muscle size.

Lets be honest Phil Heath is a lot bigger than Donte.


Genetics can determine how much muscle you can build naturally as well as how aesthetic your body will look when you build muscle.

Aesthetics is when your physique has a level of muscle proportion that creates a incredible look of balance.

Phil Heath's Twin Brother

Even though Donte Franklin may have the genetic potential just as Phil Heath, he claims to have never taken performance enhancing drugs.

Good genetics can only take you so far on the natural level.

Donte also claims that he doesn’t use everyday supplements like protein or creatine either.

This may be hard to believe by some because of the level of size Donte has achieved so far on his physique.

Phil Heath's Twin Brother

Whether he is telling the truth or not we will leave that up to you to decide.

Regardless his physique is incredibly proportionate and sculpted.

Phil Heath's Twin Brother

If Donte is not telling the truth about his claim of being a natural athlete than we his only warping other peoples expectations of what is and what isn’t achievable on a natural level.

For example it is similar to young woman who look at woman’s magazines and see other woman who have been beautified by Photoshop.

This warps their expectation of what they should look likes causing insecurities and other mental disorders.

Phil Heath's Twin Brother

If Donte is telling the truth than we has put in a lot of hard work and dedication and we salute him on that.

Only his close friends will know the real truth!

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