6 Bicep Exercises

6 Bicep Exercises You Probably Didn’t Know About

6 Bicep Exercises You Probably Didn’t Know About!

Building your arm muscle takes a lot of work.

Consistency is key to the growth of any muscle group.

The majority of people tend to stick with the same exercises over and over again.

This can cause you to hit a plateau in your training.

It’s good to know that your exercises and be flex able in the gym and changing them from time to time will help your body respond better.

When it comes to training your biceps we have a few exercises you probably haven’t heard of before.

Training the biceps from different angles with different exercises will help them respond better to growth.

In this post we are going to share with you 6 bicep exercises that you probably didn’t know about.

Below Are The 6 Bicep Exercises:

#1 Superset Preacher Curl With Supinated Dumbbell Curl.

You’re probably thinking what is a supinated dumbbell curl.

Well a supinated dumbbell curl is a curl where as you would normally do a dumbbell bicep curl you begin to turn your wrist changing the movement into a hammer curl.

See the pictures below:






If you don’t know what preacher curls are, they can either be done seated or standing with a curl barbell.

See the picture below:


People would not normally superset these exercises together because of the difficulty.

Supersetting these exercises together will most definitely shock your biceps into growth.

Begin with preacher curls and complete 1 set of 12 reps than pick up two dumbbells and begin to complete 1 sets of 12 rep supinated dumbbell curls.

You should feel an intense pump almost immediately after completing the first superset of the two exercises togethor.

Complete a total of 4 sets of both exercise in combination with 12 repetitions each exercise.

We do not recommend doing this superset combination every week.

However completing it once a month will help to stimulate your bicep muscle to continue to grow.

#2 Guillotine High-Cable Curl.

You may or may not have seen people doing this exercise in the gym.

Guillotine high cable curls are very good at targeting the two heads of the bicep muscle.

To do this exercise you must take a flat bench to one of the cables at the universal gym set.

Attach a curl handled bar to the cable and lay down on the flat bench so your head is closest to the cable.

While looking up grab the bar and begin to pull it towards your head in a curl like fashion.

See the picture below:



To get the most from this exercise make sure to squeeze for a brief pause as you curl the bar towards your head.

#3 Spider Curls With Slow Pauses And Holds.

Spider curls are a great tool to build the short head of the bicep.

They give you constant tension on the bicep throughout the whole movement.

To complete this exercise you need to position yourself on an incline bench.

Lye on your stomach facing the end of the bench.

You can either user two dumbbells or a curl bar to complete spider curls.

If you use dumbbells let your arm hang with the weight in your hand while lying on the bench.

Then begin to curl the weight towards you while keeping yourself on the bench.

See the picture below:



Pausing once the weight has reach the top or at your face level will greatly enhance the tension it puts on your bicep.

Complete anywhere between 4-5 sets for this exercise with 10-12 repetitions each set.

#4 Seated Incline Curl.

Seated incline curls are almost the reverse of spider curls.

To begin this exercise you will need to lye on an incline bench holding two dumbbells in your hands.

Letting the dumbbells hang to either side of you next to the bench with your elbows pointing towards the floor.

See the picture below:
When you start curling the weight make sure to bring your arms up to the point where your bicep muscle contracts.

You can also rotate your wrist with this movement switching from a bicep curl to a hammer curl.

A desired set and rep range for this exercise is, 4-5 sets with 12 repetitions for each set.

#5 Isolated Single Arm Hammer Curls.

Single arm isolated hammer curls are a great exercise to target the barchialis part of the bicep muscle.

The barchialis is the outer part of the bicep that is located closer to your for arm.

It is the muscle that bulges out when you do a hammer style movement with your arm.

To complete isolated single arm hammer curls you must use one arm to grab a piece of equipment while the other arm is used to do hammer curls.

The purpose of grabbing something while doing these is to keep your balance with the weight in the other hand.


Going with lighter weight for this exercise and produce great results.

Heavy weight could potentially cause injury if your body has not worked it’s way up to it.

This exercise is typically done near the end of the workout.

4 sets of 12-15 reps is ideal for this exercise.

#6 One Arm Preacher Curl Machine Curls.

Every gym usually has a preacher curl machine.

If you gym has one than doing one arm preacher curls on it will focus more on a single bicep with addition tension.

While doing this exercise the arm you are not using to lift the weight becomes a stationary grip allowing you to focus more on the bicep being worked.


Again this exercise is usually done near the end of the workout.

A desired 4 sets of 12-16 reps should be done for this exercise.


After reading the above bicep exercises we hope that you have learned a few new ones you may not have known about.

We also encourage you to add a few of these to your current workout routine.

There is a chance you may have already been doing some of these exercises or have seen other doing them.

These exercises will break plateaus and are great tools a enhancing arm growth.

Remember to keep great form during any exercise because it will produce better results.

Do not sacrifice form for weight.

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