Hardcore bodybuilding is bodybuilding at the extreme level and it takes a certain kind of motivation to be able to do this.

Motivation is being able to work towards something you want without hesitation because something is driving you to continue.

The drive that motivated people comes from the heart.

In bodybuilding it is difficult to keep motivated at times because of outside factors.

It requires lots of hard work and dedication to do well just like every other sport.

You can’t achieve a great physique without putting in the time and effort.

A professional bodybuilder once told me that it takes a total of 4,500 hours to become a professional at something.

He developed his professional career in bodybuilding after devoting 10 years to training and eating properly.

Training for 2 hours each day add’s up to 14 hours a week and 56 hours a month and so on.

Professional bodybuilders breath to eat and train.

Nutrition is such a large portion of the sport in bodybuilding that without it, it is hard to do well

If you goal is to be one of the best bodybuilders than you have to visualize that goal every day.

The same goes for if your goal is to built a good looking physique.

When you are training in the gym visualize your dream physique.

Realize the every time you training and eat a meal you are getting one step closer to that physique.

Below we have linked a video that we feel you should watch:

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