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Big Ramy Bigger Than Dexter At The Arnold Classic Spain!

Was Big Ramy Robbed Of His Placing In The Arnold Classic Spain Competition?

Big Ramy bigger than Dexter at the Arnold Classic Spain competition!

Ramy made a lot of improvements to his physique since his appearance in the 2015 Mr Olympia.

He has competed in the the Mr Olympia competitions 4 times now.

Moving his placing up each year of competing.

Recently after the 2016 Mr Olympia competition, Big Ramy competed at the Arnold Classic where he looked fuller and more conditioned.

Lui Marco a popular bodybuilding report gives his opinion on Ramy’s physique and says that “Big Ramy dwarfed Dexter from every angle”.

Are there politics involved in bodybuilding or did Dexter really win the Arnold classic title fair and square?

Another very surprising factor in the Arnold Classic show was that Shawn “Flexatron” Rhoden only placed 4th.

Shawn was the 2nd place runner up at the Mr Olympia 2016 competition just a couple days before the Arnold show.

See the video below where Lui Marco discusses this:

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