What Kind Of Male Body Type Do Girls Like

What Kind Of Male Body Type Do Girls Like?

What Kind Of Male Body Type Do Girls Like?

Have you ever wondered what kind of male body type do girls like? Well you will finally have your question answered!

But first off you should know there are three different body types.

Everyone is genetically born with one of these three body types.

Each body type will ultimately define how easy and how hard it will be to build muscle.

Body Type #1 Ectomorphs:

This body type has a thin build with narrow hips, small joints and stringy muscle bellies.

Body Type #2 Mesomorphs:

This body type has  longer and rounded muscle bellies with narrow clavicles and thinner joints.

Body Type #3 Endomorphs:

This body type has a blocker build with a thick rib cage, wider hips, and shorter limbs.

In this post we have linked a video where a guy decides to go around asking random woman which body type they find more attractive.

The guy shows several different physiques and asks random woman what physique is the most appealing to them.

It is shocking to find out that most girls don’t always want a man to be ripped but who really knows.

It is an interesting video to watch.

See the video below:

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