Paul Dillett Training Shoulders

Paul Dillett Training Shoulders For 1998 Mr.Olympia

Paul Dillett Training Shoulders For 1998 Mr.Olympia.

Paul Dillett is a retired Canadian IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and he use to be absolutely massive during his prime! Paul never use to be interested in bodybuilding though. Before he started competing in bodybuilding he played Canadian Football. They use to call Paul “Freak-Einstein” because of his raw mass on his physique.

Paul competed in his first Mr Olympia competition in 1993 and placed 6th.


Paul was one of the biggest bodybuilders and had a freakishly huge look to his physique that most people have never seen before!


Some say that he was bigger than Ronnie Coleman before Ronnie Coleman became Mr Olympia but all we know is that his muscle mass and vascularity was incredible.

In this post we have linked a video of Paul training shoulders for the 1998 Mr Olympia competition where he ended up placing 5th.

At the Arnold Classic 1994 competition, Paul “froze” on stage due to a result of cramping from dehydration. It took four officials to carry him off the stage and provide medical attention.

Afterwards he stopped his career in 2012.

See the video below:

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