Olympic Weightlifter Dislocates Elbow

Olympic Weightlifter Dislocates Elbow At Rio Olympics 2016

Olympic Weightlifter Dislocates Elbow At Rio Olympics 2016.

It always amazing watching the weightlifting evens at the Olympic games. These weightlifting competitors are best the best in the world. Most of the time the weight that they are lifting at the Olympic games will be the first time they’ve lifted that weight making it a PR for them. They must do this in order to win the Olympia gold medal.

For an Olympia weightlifting athlete to win a gold medal it is one of the highest achievements an athlete competing in weightlifting can get as it is a pure demonstration of body strength.

However things did not turn out as planned for an Armenian weightlifter named Andranik Karapetyan. When he went to lift 429lbs above his head is caused his elbow to dislocate from his arm.

You can watch the footage of the injury below:

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