Jay Cutler Speaks

Jay Cutler Speaks Out About Steroids In Bodybuilding

Jay Cutler Speaks Out About Steroids In Bodybuilding

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Jay Cutler is a legend in the sport of bodybuilding and a 4 times Mr Olympia winner.

He knows whats going on behind the scenes of pro bodybuilding because he is one of the best bodybuilders to step on stage.

In an interview with Jerry from Bio3straining he talks about steroid use in today’s society.

Obviously steroids have gained a lot of popularity in recent years but many people are taking them for the wrong reasons.

Jay opens up and discusses this interesting topic with Jerry and gives his input on this.

I know when I heard the word steroids, It kinda made me nervous a little bit when I started training.

See the video below:

This is not the first time Jay has talked about steroids in the sport.

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