High-Calorie Food Cravings

New Supplement Could Possibly Cure High-Calorie Food Cravings In The Brain

New Supplement Could Possibly Cure High-Calorie Food Cravings In The Brain

According to a new study conducted at the Imperial College in London scientists asked 20 volunteers to consume a milkshake that contained an ingredient known as inulin-propionate ester. This ingredient has the power to switch off food cravings in the brain because of a molecule produced by bacteria in the gut.

What this could mean is by consuming this ingredient it canĀ reduce cravings for foods such as chocolate, cake and pizza. This could be the miracle supplement for people struggling to lose weight and stay on track with a diet.

Below is an image taken from the journal that highlights specific areas of the brain associated with food cravings:

Areas of the brain associated with food cravings. The areas marked in blue and yellow – called the caudate and the nucleus accumbens – showed reduced activation to high-calorie foods when the volunteers took the propionate food supplement.
Credit: Image courtesy of Imperial College LondonĀ 

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Journal Reference:

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