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4 Rules About Building Muscle You Probably Missed

4 Rules About Building Muscle You Probably Missed!

Lots of articles on the web contain conflicting information about building muscle which can often confuse people. Some people believe that carb cycling is an effective way at building muscle and staying lean, while other say intermittent fasting is just as effective. But it all comes down to what works best for your body. In order to build muscle you need to follow 4 rules that are universal throughout bodybuilding. Every lifter swears by these rules because they have been used since the beginning of weight lifting.

You must remember that our body’s like to stay the way they are and will only change depending on what is being done. What you need to learn is how to convince your body to change for the better.

See these 4 key rules below:

You Must Eat A Calorie Surplus To Build Muscle

This is very straight forward for people looking to build muscle. You must consume more calories throughout the day than you are burning off. This is known as a calorie surplus.

When you train in the gym you are causing little tears in the muscle fibers and your body needs to repair them making them bigger and strong to handle the situation again. In order for your body to effectively repair these small fiber tears it needs a lot of the proper nutrient. By eating a calories surplus you are providing more than enough nutrients for your muscles to repair and handle future challenges a lot easier.

If you don’t consume enough calories throughout the day you will not build muscle and could possibly break down muscle depending on the deficit amount of calories you eat.

When you eat in a calorie surplus you want to make sure you are eating the right foods and not just cookies, pizza, and ice-cream. You need healthy foods that are high in protein, fibers, carbs, and fats.

Check out “6 Foods That Help Build Muscle And Burn Fat” for awesome food choices when building muscle.

Progressively Overload Your Body With Weight

Once you have your body in a routine of eating enough calories to help stimulate muscle growth and provide energy for your workouts, you can move onto the next important rule.

This rule will help ensure that you are training your muscles hard enough in the gym; ensuring that you are causing micro tears in the muscle. Your muscles are currently the size they are based on your genetics and lifestyle. If you have an active lifestyle, than there is a chance you already have some muscle to your physique.

If not than don’t worry because you can build muscle without working at a physical labor job. You need to get yourself into a gym and start training with weights. If you have already done this than you need to consider the next step, which is the weight you are lifting should be increased.

If you are currently bench pressing 135lbs on day 1 for example and after a year you are still benching 135lbs for the same amount of reps than you probably didn’t grow at all. You need to constantly increase the weight in order to challenge your body. This can be easier for some and harder for others depending on your calorie intake. That is why is it good to eat more calories if you want to build muscle.

You could track the weight you are lifting over a period of time to make sure you are increasing the weight and getting stronger. Also remember that gaining strength is an indicator you are building muscle.

Accept The Fact That You Will Gain Some Fat Along The Way

It is very tricky to measure out your calorie intake to point were you are eating the exact amount in order to build muscle and burn fat. Some people will try to bulk very gently or go on small cutting phases every couple weeks to make sure they don’t gain any fat.

Using the calories surplus method you are guaranteed to build muscle, but you will gain some body fat in the process. However the more muscle you build on your physique the more calories you will burn off while training. This is due to the more muscle mass you have the the easier it is to burn fat off because muscle burns calories at a higher rate than fat.

Do not go crazy with a calorie surplus and eat everything and anything because remember the more fat you gain the more you will have to strip out when you chose to cut down the road.

Make Sure Your Testosterone Levels Are High

Every bodybuilder knows how important testosterone is for muscle growth. This male hormone is key and must be utilized in order to benefit the muscle when building muscle. The higher your testosterone levels the more muscle you will build and the faster you will build it.

When it comes to boosting you testosterone levels you can try a natural testosterone boosting supplement to increase your test-levels or try other methods.

For a list of awesome natural test boosting supplements see “Natural Tricks To Building Muscle”

Some other methods include make sure you are sleeping enough, eating healthy, exercising regularly. Also check out ” The Top 10 Testosterone Boosting Foods”

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