6% Body Fat

How To Obtain 6% Body Fat

How To Obtain 6% Body Fat

Lots of people think the quickest way to get a six pack is to drastically cut down their caloric intake and starve themselves. But what they are really doing is stripping the nutrition they need to keep their hard earned muscle and not allowing the body enough time to utilize its fat stores for energy.

The real truth behind this is that starving yourself to lose weight will only results in low energy, muscle loss and hunger.

But if you follow the necessary steps to lose weight properly it will reduce the amount of body fat you have without loosing muscle, plus you won’t get those horrible cravings!

Now you probably found this post because you really want to know how to get to 6% body fat and show of your shredded physique. We will be giving to points that you must take into consideration and follow in order to achieve this 6% goal. Also keep in mind that you should build enough muscle on your physique before you think about cutting your body fat down to this low percentage.

So lets get into it, below are some important points you must follow in order to get to 6% body fat:

Calories In Vs. Calories Out Are Very Important

Most of you probably already know that in order to burn fat you have to be eating a lower caloric amount than you are burning off. This is true! However you should never decrease your calories by too much at the beginning of your cut. You need to slowly start stripping foods from your diet mostly carbs and some fats. An example of this can be if you are eating oat meal in the morning and you add a tablespoon of peanut butter. Consider taking out the peanut butter.

After you begin to hit a plateau and don’t see anymore weight loss than you strip a little more (carbs) from your diet.

By slowly increasing your calorie deficit over time it will lead to weight loss. The speed that you will lose weight at depends on the exact foods you are eating as well as the kinds of foods you are taking out.

If you aren’t following a diet and you don’t know what to take away. Consider eating less calorie dense foods throughout the day. It is possible to lose weight from eating nothing but donuts and ice cream as long as you are in a calories deficit but these are not very nutritional foods for build or maintaining muscle.

Make Sure You Are Eating Nutrition Rich Foods

If you are going to partake on a cut to 6% body fat than you probably want to start eating the same foods every day. This will allow you to calculate how much carbs, proteins, and fats you are taking in on a daily basis. From this you will be able to find out the amount of calories you are consuming.

You must remember that certain factors like gender, weight, height and your activity level will all influence how much calories you are able to burn off throughout the day. Google is a great tool to use if you are looking for some calculators to help you come up with your numbers.

Once you have your number for your caloric intake than you want to make sure the foods you are taking out will put you into a 400-500 calorie deficit. By stripping this much out of you diet it will put you on a pace to lose about 1-1.5 lbs per week which is a safe range to minimize muscle loss and see results fast.

Your calories can come from protein, carbohydrates or fat. Protein and carbs contain 4 calories per gram while fats contain 9 grams.

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Protein is one of the key components in building and maintain muscle. In a successful fat-loss diet protein will minimizing muscle loss when you are in a calorie deficit and your body is seeking energy. When you are on a fat-loss diet protein will keep you feel full which is important when you are restricting calories. When you are hungry and you have already eaten your meal you have more of a chance of eating something you shouldn’t than if you are full and satisfied.

There is a lot of different sources of information out there on how much protein you should take but generally speaking somewhere in the range of 1-1.4 grams per pound of lean body mass is ideal.

You will need to calculate your lean body mass in order to figure out your approximate body fat percentage.

An example of this can be, if you are 200 lbs and 20% body fat that means you are carrying 40 lbs. of fat. Your lean body mass would be 160lbs so the low end of your protein intake range would be 160 grams.

The more you decide to increase your calorie deficit the more you will want to boost protein intake to compensate.


Fats are very essential in boosting your natural testosterone levels as well as aiding in fat-loss. When you get into fat intake though there are a number of different diet programs that recommend a wide variety of fat intake but we won’t get into that here.

The main thing you need to get fats is to figure out what works for you. Some people can be carb sensitive and bloat, feel weak and have a lack of energy after consuming them while others do not. Some people also thrive on high-fat diets. Just remember to find what works for you.


Carbs have always gotten a lot of criticism about supposedly making us fat. This can be true to some degree however it really depends on how much you are consuming and what kind of carb sources it is. Some carb sources are higher in fiber lessening the increase of fat stores on your body.

Great carb sources can be white or brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes, spelt bread, and more…

Make sure you are eating complex carbs and maintaining a calorie deficit. This will keep you on track in losing fat giving you energy to complete your workouts. Also keep in mind that on a calorie deficit diet you feel tired at times due to energy level changes or diet adjustments.

How You Can Speed Up The Results Even More!

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