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Dennis Wolf Explains His Mysterious Injury In Depth And Mr Olympia 2016

Dennis Wolf Explains His Mysterious Injury In Depth And Mr Olympia 2016!

Dennis Wolf also known as the “Big Bad Wolf” has always been a serious contender when it comes to the Mr Olympia.

But sadly Dennis will not be making the Olympia stage this year.

Dennis claimed that he was feeling sharp pains for quite some time but couldn’t pin point what it was.

He eventually decided to get an MRI scan done and it showed the he had numerous fragments of his spine broken off.

Dennis Wolf

Some rumors had been going around that he had broken his back or had even died but these are not true.

But the speculation that most of his fans were wondering about was whether he would be competing in the Mr Olympia this year or not, turned out to be true and he will not be competing.

Dennis will be giving constant updates following the information that his doctor gives him regarding this type of injury.

What we know is that he will be undergoing surgery.

Hopefully Dennis has a fast recovery and is able to quickly get back into the gym as soon as possible.

We have our fingers crosser there is no permanent damage done ending his bodybuilding career for good.

Dennis Wolf

The doctors that Dennis is dealing with are optimistic that he will make a fast recovery.

Do to the length and recovery time after the surgery though it does not look like he will make the Olympia.

Keep in mind that Dennis has not ruled out the Olympia completely, but it is very important that he takes the time out to recover properly and to not rush back too soon.

He came 4th last year and will have a chance in 2017 to better that finish.

Dennis Wolf

He has talked about the first step being the surgery and he will take things from there.

This sounds like a smart plan and he is careful with his words in case some people get the wrong idea. We send our best wishes to Dennis.

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