The Mountain

The Mountain From Game of Thrones Diet!

The Mountain From Game of Thrones Diet!

In order to get as big as the Mountain (Hafthor Bjornsson) you need to eat big and train big.

Hafthor Bjornsson is 27 years old and plays the character known as “The Mountain” in the hit television series Game of Thrones. He has won twice in Europe’s strongest man competition you can check out here “The Mountain” From Game Of Throne Demolishes Keg Toss World Record”

A beast like Hafthor needs to eat lots of food on a daily basis in order to keep his size and strength optimal for his competitions and acting.

He was recently interviewed by the New York Times where he discussed how his diet and training transformed him from being a skinny basket ball player to a massive strongman and actor. In the article Hafthor said he was 180kg (400lbs) of pure strength. You can read the New York Times article “here”

You might already know from our previous post regarding strongman, strongman Eddie Hall consumes around 10,000 calories some days in order to keep up to par with his strength. It would be no surprise that Bjornsson is consuming a similar amount to Eddie.

It can be tough cramming all of those calories in meals within a single 24-hour period. Most people think that in order to eat that amount of calories on a daily basis you would have to eat large amounts of junk food, fast food, and deserts which are full of calories. However this is not what these strongmen do.

Hafthor has a very healthy diet consisting of clean foods that fuel his workouts. Yes his workouts do last anywhere between 2-4 hours at a time and he eats around 8 meals per day.

At the beginning of Hafthor’s day he eats eight eggs for breakfast along with a bowl of oatmeal and fruit. This whole meals consists of 560 calories!

A couple hours later following his breakfast he eats a larger meal consisting of grains, vegetables, and meats. His next few meals are the same as his second meal in the day including healthy fats such as organic peanut butter and avocados.

“I eat quite healthy for a big guy like me, but you get sick of eating all the time,” he said.

“Today, I was supposed to have chicken with sweet potatoes and greens. Because I didn’t want that, I had salmon. We have very good fish in Iceland. Everything is expensive in Iceland, especially food, and especially healthy food.”


Before Hafthor became the popular Game Of Thrones character the mountain and world record breaking strongman, he use to play basketball as a 6’7 young athlete from Iceland.

Only in the last 7 years he has managed to packed on 166lbs (75kg). He owes a lot of this progress in strength and mass to cutting down on the amount of cardio he would do and incorporating very heavy weight lifting sessions. Also the addition of eating tons of food boosted his muscle and strength building properties on his physique.

When it comes to his training, he takes advantage of the old school powerlifting principles to continually get stronger in all areas. These include performing a series of bench presses, squats and deadlifts with extremely heavy weight for sets in the rep range of 3-5.

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