Building Bigger Arms

Shortcuts To Building Bigger Arms

Shortcuts To Building Bigger Arms

Everyone wants to grow their arm size, and if you’ve been training for quite some time now, you know how long it can take just to see a little growth. Most people would rather gain more muscle on their arms than any other part on their body.

So in this post we will give you guys some tips to shortcut your growth to building bigger arms!

Train Your Arm’s At The Beginning Of Your Workouts

If your your training style is full body workouts than training arms at the end of your workout routine is not going to be beneficial to their growth. This is because nearing the end of your workout you are more tired than when you had started which sometimes doesn’t let you use your full potential in strength when training. Doing arms at the beginning of your workout will allow you to maximize your full energy when training them causing you to push harder for those extra reps.

It is also beneficial to give arm training their own day in the week. This will allow you to really focus on their development.

Change Your Rep Count

If you are currently doing low rep ranges on your arms and using too much momentum to get the weight up than you are reducing your full potential to speed up the growth of your arms. If you are doing this than you need to lower the weight on your exercise. By lowering the weight you will be able to get more reps in and feel the squeeze in each rep. The more time your muscle is under tension the better it will respond and grow.

Increase Your Natural Testosterone Levels

By increase your natural testosterone you will be able to develop lean muscle tissue faster. There are a bunch of natural test boosters on the markets that can be very effective. Tribulus and D-Aspartic Acid for example are both inexpensive natural testosterone boosters you can find in any local supplement store that give you results.

Try adding one of these boosters to your diet and see for yourself when it comes to growth.

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Building Bigger Arms

Compound Exercises Are Key

Compound exercises consist of Deadlifts, Bench Press, Pull-ups, Dips, Rows. These exercises help to build mass and strength over the whole body but they also add mass to your arms. Isolation exercises are great but when they are added in conjunction with the compound lifts listed above than you will definitely improve your muscle development in your arms.

Train Your Shoulders

Building your deltoids will give your arms a different appearance. This is because as the shoulder becomes more rounded and predominant it will give off an x-frame illusion that your arms are bigger. Dumbbell shoulder press is a great exercise for building thickness in your shoulders.

Practice Flexing 

This doesn’t mean practice flexing in the mirror for a selfie. This means practice your flexing during your exercise. By focusing on the flexing of the muscle while completing your reps it help your get a better contraction working more muscle fibers.

Remember building muscle isn’t rocket science. When you go to the gym you are trying to stimulate your muscle into growth. If you don’t feel the exercise you are doing it targeting your muscle enough than you need to switch to another exercise or lessen the weight in order to get a better contraction.

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