Enjoy Pizza And Still Stay Fit

How To Enjoy Pizza And Still Stay Fit With These Simple Rules!

How To Enjoy Pizza And Still Stay Fit With These Simple Rules!

Everyone loves pizza. Lets face it, pizza is one of those foods you can’t stay away from. Pizza make an awesome cheat meal for athletes who are looking to get in some extra carbohydrates and calories. However if the title of this post drew you here than you are probably one of those people who wants to still keep their lean physique but still enjoy the flavor of pizza without the carbs and sodium.

Here we will list simple rules you can follow to still enjoy pizza and lessen the impact on physique.

#1 Order Whole-Grain Crust

Whole-grain crust is one of the healthiest fast food choices to make when eating a pizza. Whole-grain crust contains lots of fiber content other than white flour based crusts.

Whole grains contain B vitamins such as iron and magnesium.

#2 Don’t Get Extra Cheese

Cheese contains a great deal of fat. These fats are made up of saturated fats which you should be limiting in your diet already due to their properties of increasing heart-disease risk in high doses. Sticking with the normal amount of cheese the pizza comes with is fine, and it’s not like you eating pizza every day or every other day…

#3 Order Healthy Toppings

Making healthy choices for you toppings will allow you the benefit of keeping your physique in tip top shape. Toppings such as fiber-filled vegetables are great choices. Meat toppings such as chicken are good choices as well because they increase the overall protein content of the pizza.

#4 Eat A Side Meal Before The Pizza

Before you sink your teeth into a delicious pizza try to eat a smaller meal before hand. A salad would be a great choice because it contains fibrous vegetables and no carbs. Also a salad won’t fill you up as much as you think, that way you will still have enough room for that pizza you’ve been waiting for.

#5 Make Your Own Pizza

Sometimes making your own pizza is the healthiest choice you can make when it comes to going off of your diet for a cheat meal or even a re-feed for a boost in calories.

Being able to create your own pizza gives you multiple options to choose healthier ingredients. For example, you could use a lower fat cheese on you pizza, a low-sodium tomato sauce, or even put your own protein & veggie based toppings on without the extra expense.

#6 Order A Smaller Size

If you still decide to order a pizza and want to save some money and lessen the impact on your physique there is always the option of getting a smaller sized pizza.

By getting a smaller sized pizza you are almost cutting the ingredients used in half lessening the effects of sodium, fat, and caloric intake it will have on you.

#7 You Don’t Have To Eat The Whole Thing

Don’t force yourself to eat the whole pizza if you are getting full. Eating to the point where you are stuffed is not good for your stomach and your metabolism. It can leave you feeling sluggish especially if you haven’t trained yet that day.

Eat until you are satisfied, that way you wont be left feeling bloated for the rest of the day.

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