Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Transformation

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Transformation From 17 – 69 Years Old

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Transformation From 17 – 69 Years Old

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legend in the bodybuilding industry.

He brought lots of popularity to the sport and continues to bring more popularity every day.

Arnold is a very smart man and continues to accomplish lots in his life.

Because of his great success he is a world wide role model for aspiring bodybuilders and others.

A Bit About Arnold Growing Up.

Before Arnold got into bodybuilding he use ride his bicycle to school.

He began reading magazines that showed top bodybuilder during his day.

This spiked his interest and he told himself that he wanted to be big like them.

Arnold signed up to a gym and began weight training.

Through his time training he met and talked with other bodybuilders who continued to increase his ambition to be the best.

However Arnold was sent to the military by his parents where he was unable to compete in bodybuilding shows.

During his time with the military he continued his training and ate the food they supplied growing his muscles.

One day he snuck out of the military base in order to compete in a bodybuilding show he had been preparing for.

Winning his first show he brought back the trophie he had won to the military who was waiting for him when he got back.

Despite sneaking out they were proud of him but he still had to pay by doing push-ups.

After winning bodybuilding shows and becoming the top bodybuilding contests in the world he made his way into movies – making a hit actor in the Terminator series.

Arnold even became governor of California after his acting career.

Arnold is now 69 years old and still putting time in the gym.

Below is a video where we see how Arnold has transformed from a 17 year old teenager to a 69 year old man who still had a great physique.

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