22 Years Old Arnold Schwarzenegger

22 Years Old Arnold Schwarzenegger Double From Netherlands!

22 Years Old Arnold Schwarzenegger Double From Netherlands!

Recently a young bodybuilder has been getting some popularity around the web!

His name is Wesley Vissers.

Wesley is a 22 year old bodybuilder from the Netherlands.

What makes hims so popular and different for any other 22 year old bodybuilder?

His physique looks incredibly similar to the legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Recently there has been a lot of athletes in the sport of bodybuilding who are aiming for the more old school classical bodybuilding look.

This look consists of a tight waist and aesthetic looking core.

Old school bodybuilding physiques continue to rise in popularity because athletes find these physiques more aesthetically pleasing.

When these physiques are put up in comparison between the top Olympian bodybuilders we see today.

People prefer the tight waist over the bloated mid section.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a prime example of having a classical physique.

This is one of the main reasons why most guys are trying to obtain the same structure and look he had.

Below is a video of a bodybuilder who’s physique looks very similar to Arnold’s back in his bodybuilding days.

Check it out:

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