Weightlifting Belts: Are They Beneficial To Use?

Weightlifting Belts

Weightlifting Belts: Are They Beneficial To Use?

The question in this post is whether it is beneficial to wear weightlifting belts when training. We will give you a small break down of the positives and negatives to wearing a weightlifting belt. Once you finish reading this post you can make your judgement as to whether or not you need one.

Also we have linked a video from Lee Priest’s YouTube channel where he gives some great advice for bodybuilders and fitness athletes on how to utilize the most out of a weight belt when using it.

Should You Use A Weightlifting Belt?

Powerlifters tend to use weightlifting belts more often than other athletes because they help aid in the prevention of injury in the lower back while completing a heavy lifts. However there is only a handful of bodybuilders who use weightlifting belts for the added benefits of aid in heavy lifts.

Weightlifting Belts

Positives Of Using A Weight Lifting Belt:

It has been shown that while wearing a weightlifting belt it can increase your performance on a lot of compound lifts such as squats, dead-lifts, and even bench-press.

This is very beneficial because it can help you break through plateaus in strength as well as increase your personal rep (PR’s) weight.

Negatives Of Using A Weight Lifting Belt:

However with the benefits of using a weightlifting belt there are some disadvantages.

Using these belts to frequent during your workouts could inhibit motor learning in the abdominal muscles and the lower back.

This means that over time it could cause these muscle groups to lack the strength needed to support your body while completing compound lifts without a belt.


In conclusions what we would recommend bodybuilders wear a weightlifting belt for compound lifts. But only the compound lifts that you are trying to increase strength in. If you plan on trying to break a PR in the gym one day in squats for example. Than wearing a belt would be very beneficial in this case. But if you are going to the gym and squeezing out 12 reps with a weight you are just comfortable with than it wouldn’t be beneficial to wear one.

Below is a video of Lee Priest explaining how to correctly use a weightlifting belt along with with benefits.

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