Bodybuilding Is A Very Expensive Sport

Why Bodybuilding Is A Very Expensive Sport

Why Bodybuilding Is A Very Expensive Sport

It can be very costly being a bodybuilder or just an athlete just looking to eat healthier and build a bit of muscle. But is the money worth investing into building a physique?

In my opinion I would have to say “yes” due to various reasons. Not only are you spending money on food building muscle but you are also creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself. Bodybuilding can change your life and eating habits for the better in most cases. Bodybuilding doesn’t have to be about going to the gym and throwing weights around, it is also about the lifestyle change and your ability to dedicate yourself to a goal.

However if you plan on starting your bodybuilding journey or are already on your way to reach your goal physique than you might already know how much this sport can cost you.

In this post we will list the top reasons why bodybuilding is so expensive.

#1 Groceries

Every bodybuilder knows that the amount of money spent on food can be outrageous! But you need to eat to grow and some of the highest costing foods like, chicken, ground beef, and other protein sources are the most important building blocks for bodybuilders.

#2 Gym Membership

In order to start building muscle you need to be working out in a gym. So enrolling in a gym membership is another costly fee involved in the sport. However some gym’s cost less than others making it easier for athletes to save a bit of money…. for food.

#3 Supplements

If your a bodybuilder or athlete who invests money in supplements than you are probably spending a lot already on your lifestyle so why not throw them into the mix. Let’s face it supplements aren’t cheap and they can be very expensive if you want to take them. Protein powders alone can cost anywhere between $40 – $80 depending on the size and the quality.

If you are a supplement buyer and want to save money than I highly suggest checking this post out “Best Online Supplement Stores To Shop On For Great Deals!”

#4 Workout Equipment

If you’ve been training for a few years now, than you might be familiar with workout straps and weight lifting belts. Both of these pieces of workout gear can aid you in heavy lifts but take another place in the money put towards your lifestyle. The good thing about workout equipment is it lasts a long time so it’s usually a one time expense if you choose to buy them.

#5 Workout Apparel

Workout cloths and gym apparel can definitely add up in costs. Some of the supplement brand clothing on the market can cost up to $50-$60 for a single shirt.

Gasp apparel is a clothing line designed for bodybuilders and other athletes. Their clothing is very high quality and worth purchasing, however it can cost you a lot if you don’t catch the sales. You can check out their website here at

#6 Competition Fee’s

If you are a bodybuilder looking to compete in a show that you may have an understanding of how much they can run you in money. Just a few of the competition fee’s can be from hotel cost, spray tan, entry fee, and even the membership to compete in an organization. All of these costs can take a big chunk out of your savings.

So if you are looking to compete in the near future make sure save save SAVE !

#7 Personal Trainer

Sometimes people require a trainer to hold them accountable to their diet or workout routine. If you’re that someone who works better having someone to hold accountable to, than investing in a personal trainer is a good idea.

Personal trainers can be costly, especially if those training sessions are adding up. If you are just looking for a trainer to help you with your diet and workout routine than it should cost you a little less and be more affordable with your other expenses.

#8 Watching Competitions 

To compete in a bodybuilding show can be costly, but to go and watch one is another additional fee. Most shows cost around $60 to watch both the pre-judging and evening show, so if you like to watch a lot of competition than these costs can add up.

A lot of competitions usually have booths set up giving away free samples of proteins and pre-workouts.

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