8 Simple Techniques to Build Bigger Quads!

8 Simple Techniques to Build Bigger Quads!

8 Simple Techniques to Build Bigger Quads!

Lets face it know body likes to train legs, and if you do than that’s awesome and you might not need to read this post! A lot of people get stuck in the mentality that having a bigger upper body is the way to go. Yes having a big upper body is good but you don’t want to lack proportionality in your lower body because of paying too much attention to chest and back days.

If you train your legs as much and intense as you train your chest and back than you should have phenomenal leg development. If you don’t than you might be slacking on your leg training.

To develop a truly balanced and well developed physique you need to change your views on leg training. Most people might not appreciate your leg progress as much as your chest or back development but in the end you will be the one with a proportionate physique – and proportionality always wins over being dis-proportionate any day.

In this post we are going to give to 8 simple techniques you can use to help build your quads!

So if your serious about kick starting you leg develop read below:

#1 Complete High Repetition Squats

Your quads are the largest muscle group in the body so they can take a lot of intensity. Completing squats with more reps will work the quads harder than any of your other muscle groups. Normally bodybuilder will follow a 8-10 rep range. We want you to go beyond that and try a 20-25 rep range to really exhaust the quads. Also remember that training with a high intensity can cause your body to release large amounts of natural testosterone into the bloodstream.

If you can make it through 20-25 rep sets squats you can make it through anything.

#2 Focus On Your Form During Your Leg Training

Every leg machine works your legs differently and some can be more effective than other. An example of this is that most people think the hack squat and leg press hit the quads equally as the movement appears similar. This is not the case and the reality is that they both hit your muscles in different ways. The leg press focus’s more on the glutes due to the increased bending motion of your knees.

Hack squats on the other hand will focus more on the lower quads. It is important that you know how the machines work your muscles because this will help you hit your quads from different angles and different ways creating an overall boost in muscle growth.

#3 Your Hamstrings Are Important

Your hamstrings are very important especially in the overall appearance of your legs. Your hamstrings can even help with the strength of your squatting. Some of the best exercises for hitting your hamstrings directly are leg curls and stiff-leg deadlifts.

Try super-setting both of these exercises together and trust us, you will have the best hamstring workout of your life.

Bodybuilder hamstrings

#4 Leg Extensions Are Not Going To Get Your Leg Huge

Leg extensions will not put mass on your legs. So if you’ve been focusing more on the leg extension machine STOP now.

Even though leg extensions are a popular choice since they are way easier to perform than squats or deadlifts, they simply should not be the focus of your workout. Once you complete more com pound lifts such as squats or stiff-legged deadlifts than go for multi-joint exercises such as leg extensions.

#5 Accessories Are Not That Important

We hate to break it to you but belts and knee wraps are not that important. When you wear a weight belt or knee wraps yes you are getting some additional support in those areas but you are not allowing the proper support muscles to develop which could lead to injuries down the road. So it’s better to train without them in order to get the most out of the exercise.

#6 Give It Your All Every Time

We get it people procrastinate some times when it comes to their leg workouts. Sometimes they even end up skipping them or when they finally get around to working legs they go light and get a mediocre workout out of it. This is not going to grow your legs.

Every time you go to the gym you need to be giving it your all. If you don’t have the energy for a difficult leg day move it to a different day of the week and do something easier instead.

With that being said, make sure you actually do your leg workout – don’t keep pushing it into the future.

#7 Incorporate Lunges In Your Leg Routine

Lunges are an awesome quad building workout. They fully target the quad and some of the hamstrings. Adding these into your leg routine will be very beneficial as they really take a lot of workout and energy to complete.

This exercise is also very good to build up strength for your squats and other compound movements.

bodybuilder legs

#8 Mix Up Your Squat Stance

By changing your stances when you squat, you can actually improve quad development!

The popular stance of placing your feet shoulder with apart will give you tremendous benefits but you  can get even more out of it by switching things up. A wide stance, narrow stance and shoulder-width all have their benefits so make sure you switch it up each week.

Your quads will grow at a much faster rate!

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