Mike O’Hearn Challenges The Steroid Expert – The Steroid Expert Destroys Him

If you are familiar with the YouTube fitness celebrities or popular fitness channels than you have probably heard of Mike O’Hearn and Jason Blaha (YouTube channel “JuggernautFitnessTV”) where they call him the expert on steroids. Jason has accused numerous professional athletes who claim they are natural to be liars based on strong evidence in a lot of his video’s. If you have been following these two on YouTube or any other socail media outlet… Mike O’Hearn challenged Jason Blaha to train with him. Jason Blaha the steroid expert has been bashing Mike O’Hearn for selling scam supplements, being a fake natty and most recently selling fitness equipment for $1500.

The steroid expert says that Mike O’Hearn is a scammer and that he is a snake oil salesman.

Mike O’Hearn challenged him to train with him and try out the frog fitness fitness equipment that he is selling for $1500, the steroid experts declined the offer in his first response back but Mike O’Hearn made another video inviting him again!

This time the steroid expert holds nothing back and destroys Mike’O Hearn in this recent video.

You can see all of the video responses between the two below !

Response #1 -- Mike O’Hearn Inviting Jason To Try Frog Fitness

Response #2 -- Jason Declining Offer


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Response #3 -- Mike O’Hearn Inviting Jason Again 

Response #4 -- Jason Rejecting Offer And Explaining Why In Great Detail

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