Building A Sculpted Chest For Beginners

Building A Sculpted Chest For Beginners

Building A Sculpted Chest For Beginners

There are tons of lifters out there looking for the secret to building a bigger chest. Having well developed chest muscles can give you more confidence aside from looking good in v neck’s. Also it has it’s health benefits as well including a lower risk of cancer and heart disease.

Since having a well built chest is so beneficial to your health and confidence we have constructed this post as a guide for people who are struggling to build a better pectorals or are on there journey to growing their pectorals.


A lot of guys get super excited when they start working chest. They experience that pump feeling during a workout and instantly get hooked! However the only problem is they push it to the extreme and start working chest 4 times a week with 15 different variations of bench press and flys. You don’t need to do anywhere near this amount of work because it can lead you to over-training and actually move you backwards. Start slowly and progress from there.

Use lighter weights at first and work on your form because bettering your form will reduce injury down the road and increase the effectiveness of an exercise. Use a rep range of 8-12 reps to engage muscle hypertrophy.

Once you have mastered your form for that exercise you will find that you are increase the weight gradually because it will become easier.

So your probably wondering now, which exercises should you do to grow your chest? Well everyone has their preference and over time you will learn which exercises work best for you.

With that being said, given that you are relatively new to bodybuilding you don’t have years of personal experience to draw from. A good starting point is the barbell bench press, just make sure you have a spotter when doing this exercise as it can be very dangerous…

Trust us, after spending enough time in the gym you will eventually have to bail someone out who has a barbell stuck on their chest. Apart from the barbell bench press, you will want to add dumbbell bench press, dips, dumbbell flyes, pec deck and cable crossover.

These are the key exercises that lots of professional bodybuilders use. They are extremely effective at hitting the chest muscle if your form is awesome!

Make sure you complete the heavier compound exercises like bench press and dips first because they require more effort to complete followed by the isolation exercises afterwards.

Can’t Make It To The Gym? But You Still Want To Build Your Chest

Maybe you can’t make it to the gym because of money, or a social event – regardless, you can still get a good chest workout in at home. Push ups can be performed anywhere and with a bit of adjustment of the hand placement and elbow angle you can emphasize different parts of the chest. By putting your feet up on a raised surface to shift more of the work to your upper chest you can effectively target your pectorals.

You can also perform dips at home by taking two sturdy chairs and placing them on either side of you, using the tops of the chairs as support as you perform the exercise.

Having a gym membership however is ideal since you will have access to a wider variety of gym equipment but its not always necessary depending on your goals. If you look up videos on YouTube of the plyometric training guys they are massive but they train without a gym membership!

If you check them out on YouTube you will see that they spend a lot of time training different variations of dips, push ups and pull-ups to build their physiques.

As long as you are consistent and work hard you will come out ahead of all the gym-goers who half-ass it. If you need a little boost in your motivation see “6 Awesome Ways To Get Motivated To Workout”

Always Be Consistent With Your Training!

It doesn’t matter if your going to the gym to workout or your training at home, always make sure you are consistent! Stick to your routines and make sure you are slowly increasing the weight to use. For example if you bench pressed 135 pounds for 5 reps last month you should be benching more weight now if you want to grow.

Progressive loading is gradually increasing the weight over time. This forces your muscles to get bigger and stronger to compensate.

If your going to take something from this post always remember your body will only grow as much as it needs to in order to deal with the physical demands it is presented with every day.

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