How Does Alcohol Impact Testosterone Levels

Alcohol and Testosterone – How Does Alcohol Impact Testosterone Levels

Alcohol and Testosterone – How Does Alcohol Impact Testosterone Levels?

If you’ve spent a lot of time on bodybuilding forums than you’ve probably come across a thread discussing the impact that alcohol has on your body’s testosterone.

Some bodybuilders completely restrict alcohol from their diets to take advantage at keeping there test levels as high as possible while others seem to go out and get wasted every weekend and still make incredible muscle growth.

Lots of posts regarding alcohol and testosterone levels always condemn drinking in their conclusions, so we are going to take a different approach and let you decide what would be the better choice given the effects regarding alcohol consumption and testosterone levels.

Alcohol and Testosterone

Both alcohol and testosterone are very different from one another due to the effects they have on the body. Now one of the big arguments is that alcohol is empty calories being that it has no nutritional value. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram and can actually make you see out unhealthy processed foods due to it not satisfying your hunger and filling your stomach up.

I’m sure anyone who has had a night of drinking has had cravings for fast food. As a result of drinking and eating the price you pay is enough to send you over your daily intake of calories.

So now that the negatives are out of the way lets talk about some positives to alcohol consumption. When drinking moderate amounts and that does not mean getting sh*t faced every weekend, studies have shown alcohol can help improve your insulin sensitivity and reduce the level of triglycerides in the blood stream. Also people who drink in moderation tend to live longer lives than those who abstain entirely and that the consumption can reduce risk of cancer, heart disease and even help ward off colds!

When you look at the argument between the positives and negatives, drinking really doesn’t seem so bad. Unfortunately the negatives don’t end there. Long term alcohol consumption impacts hormone levels and the ability of the body to burn and store fat.

The hormone they are most concerned about it testosterone, which as we know is essential to muscle-building along with a host of other functions. The argument is that alcohol can and does lower your testosterone levels, which will translate to reduced progress in the gym or slower muscle building. What they don’t tell you is that the actual drop in testosterone levels is pretty small – usually in the single digits in terms of percentage – certainly not enough to have a huge impact on results. Therefore moderate consumption (think 1-2 drinks per day max) more than likely won’t do too much damage.

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When it comes to fat storage, there is definitely a connection between alcohol consumption and reduced fat burning. The reason for this is when you consume alcohol your body prioritizes burning those carbs instead of the carbs already in your body. In terms of actually storing fat, however, alcohol itself is actually difficult for your body to store. The problem lies in the big meals that usually go with a night of drinking as explained above.

If however you can avoid those heavy fast food meals when you are drinking and moderate your alcohol intake then having a night out won’t derail your hard effort and progress in the gym.

The Simple Solution

The easiest solution is to completely stop drinking all together.

But for some people drinking is a social aspect to their lives.

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