5 Foods To Avoid Before Bedtime To Lose Fat

5 Foods To Avoid Before Bedtime To Lose Fat

Most people don’t recognize that the foods they could be consuming before bed is what’s causing them to hold on to that stubborn belly fat. We get that after a long day at school or work you want to finally relax at home and maybe kick back and watch some TV. But what is a late-night TV session without your favorite snack?

After all, you ate clean all day long so you deserve a little treat! Only one problem – that snack you are about to eat is going to absolutely destroy your physique. It’s not just about the calories – even if it’s within your daily macro target it can still result in fat gain based on the time of day it is being consumed

In this post below we are going to be breaking down the 5 foods you should be avoiding before bed in order to help promote fat loss.

#1 – Chocolate

Dark chocolate has been the talk of foods lately as a good healthy snack given that it is loaded with antioxidants that are great for our bodies. These antioxidants can help improve our overall health and ward off various sicknesses. With that being said, there is a time and place to consume dark chocolate and before bed time is not ideal.

Chocolate contains caffeine which will make it hard for you to get a good nights sleep. If you eat it shortly before going to bed you might end up lying awake in bed for several hours, missing out on some good quality sleep that would have helped you recover for the next day. Getting enough rest is absolutely critical to your success whether that be cutting fat or gaining muscle.

Your body does most of the muscle repair when you are sleeping not to mention it releases a lot of helpful hormones like testosterone and growth hormone, which is key in building muscle. As a result, if you are eating something that impacts your sleep pattern you are seriously shooting yourself in the foot. Instead, eat dark chocolate during the day where it won’t impact your sleep, preferably after or before a workout.

#2 – Cereal

Cereals are traditionally consumed in the morning as a quick, easy breakfast. However many people also reach for them as a late-night snack due to a hungry spike. However, if you are doing this you will only prevent your body from burning that stubborn belly fat even further.

Cereal is loaded with added sugar, which is the worst thing to eat when you are looking to belly lose fat. What can make the situation even worse is that your metabolism is already running at reduced speeds late at night, so that sudden insulin boost will make you very likely to put on fat and keep you awake due to the sugar rush.

As an alternative you could purchase the low-fat, low-sugar cereals if you really can’t give it up. You can also make plain homemade popcorn. The stuff you get at movie theaters is loaded with butter, the homemade variety is much healthier, contains little calories and is a source of slow-digesting carbs. Avoid the microwave popcorn snacks that contain a lot of strange chemicals and trans fats. Instead get the type that is cooked on the stove-top or the pre-popped bagged variety.


#3 – Ice Cream

Ice cream is a very popular choice for a late-night snack. It’s delicious, easy to prepare and reasonably priced. However, consuming this stuff is one of the worst things you can do to your body – particularly late at night.

Ice cream is loaded with sugar which will spike your insulin levels at a time when your metabolism is slowing down. Again the spike in sugar will increase your energy levels which will keep you up later. As a result you will get less sleep and won’t get that necessary recovery time your body needs. Some brands of ice cream actually contain caffeine which will amplify the stimulant effect and ruin your sleep even more.

As an great alternative try consuming cottage cheese instead of ice cream. Although not the most aesthetic looking food it is loaded with casein protein which is a slow-digesting protein source. As a result, your body will take a long time to break it down which will keep you feeling nourished throughout the night. It’s also very filling so you will be less likely to have a late-night binge session that destroys your calorie deficit.

#4 – Chips

Chips are a very tempting snack. They are easy to munch on and taste delicious. Lets face it chips are loaded with simple carbs which tend to spike your insulin levels.

Given that most people will consume this snack at night when metabolism is slowing down this spike can cause you to put on more fat and mess up your sleep. Also, eating from the bag can be very dangerous as you aren’t keeping track of how many you are consuming.

As a result you will often end up eating way too many and be left with a huge calorie surplus.


Instead of munching down on chips try a seaweed snack. They are crunchy and tasty just like chips except they have way less calories. In fact, they are so low in calories that you can throw back an entire package without messing up your daily macros.

#5 – Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt is another popular choice for people to eat late at night. It’s convenient and tasty and will all the hype it’s suppose to be healthy? The problem with most yogurts is that they contain a lot of added sugar which we have already explained messes up your physique. What makes matters worse is that people tend to add fruits and granola to yogurt which only adds to the sugar you are consuming.

Instead try consuming 0% greek yogurt. It’s loaded with casein protein and as long as you get the one without sugar it will actually help keep you feeling full throughout the night.


The good news about you reaching this part of the post is that you might just have identified what is responsible for your lack of gains and you can quite easily correct it by replacing it with a better late-night snack.

Of course there are more foods to avoid before bedtime but these are the top 5 common ones.

Switch out those sugary, high-calorie late-night snacks for one of our suggestions and you will be on your way to correcting one of your biggest diet weaknesses.

Make sure to avoid these foods before bedtime not only to keep your body fat lower but also overall health.

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