Testosterone Boost Tuesday – The Most Effective Muscle Building Secret

The Most Effective Muscle Building Secret

The Most Effective Muscle Building Secret That Most Guys Never Take Advantage Of!

If you have recently signed up to a gym and are looking to build some lean muscle mass than you are making a path towards one of the most rewarding goals in fitness and bodybuilding. Nothing is more rewarding and beneficial to your health than keeping your body in shape! Muscle is on the biggest factors in how much calories your body can burn naturally through the day, so the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn. So in today testosterone boost Tuesday post we will show you one of the more beneficial secrets to building muscle, and believe me it work!

Before we reveal the secret, we will cover some basic information.

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Building muscle isn’t always about getting as big as possible but making enough progress to believe in the process and lifestyle you are changing your body with. There are so many misleading pieces of information on the web that can lead people into believing the only way to get the body they want is by doing something they may not agree with. This isn’t true and your goal body is achievable without these misleading methods!

So now lets go over some of the basics to building muscle first..


Men and woman both require the same hormones, testosterone and human growth hormone in order to grow and repair muscle tissue. Men however have a larger amount of natural testosterone in their blood stream than females do. This is why men can build muscle faster than woman. When you engage in a single movement exercise such as dumbbells curls your body will release testosterone but the overall effect will be limited do so the single movement. However if you engage in larger compound exercises such as dead-lifts, the stress placed on multiple muscle groups will cause the body to release more testosterone and growth hormone.

Leg Day Is Very Important And Should Not Be Skipped

This is probably something you didn’t want to here but training legs can actually help your whole body grow. Your legs are not only your strongest muscle on your body but also the biggest. Earlier we mentioned that training multiple muscle groups in compound exercises will cause your body to release more testosterone and human growth hormone into the blood stream. What better compound exercise to use than squats! The weight you will be lifting with your legs will be much more heavier than a weight you would use for your biceps or triceps.

The testosterone that you release in your body will benefit all of your workouts because it sends a signal to all of your muscle groups that it’s time to grow. Try using a compound movement and you will see just how well the rest of your body responds. Your might even need to start shopping for larger jean sizes!

Get Into A Rhythm 

Develop training routine around your lifestyle. Try splitting your muscle group training periods into individual days of the week. Spend some time experimenting and do what works best for you. The structure isn’t as important as the actual exercises you will be performing. Make sure you are making a day to train legs. During your leg training you must do squats with at-least 3 to 5 sets in the 8 to 12 rep range. You should be challenging yourself each week and if you are able to go all the way up to 20 reps with perfect form then it’s time to increase the weight!

The last few reps of any exercise in a set should be challenging and require you to dig deep and always make sure you are using proper form.

Conclusion And Muscle Building SECRET!

Since we’ve gone over some basic information when it comes to training and building muscle its time to expose the secret to effectively grow and build muscle fast. Now that you know the lower half of your body represents a huge untapped natural source of growth stimulus that can accelerate your overall progress, you need to take advantage of it – so……


Training a muscle group of your choice the day after training your legs will ensure you get the boost of testosterone and growth hormone your body needs to build lean muscle. For example if you train your chest the day after your leg training, you pectoral muscle group will gain more of an added benefit in testosterone. You may also find that you get a better pump and boost in strength during your workout the day after your legs. This technique can also be utilized for muscle groups that are lagging behind in growth.

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