Who Had More Sex In 2015

Who Had More Sex In 2015, Women Or Men?

Who Had More Sex In 2015, Women Or Men?

The results are in and for 2015, women came out on-top of men (pun intended).

Woman spent a total of four days having sex in 2015 while men only spend three days having sex. That’s 24 hours less guys…


The full – and quite depressing – results of how we spend our year are below;

Screen-Shot-2015-12-14-at-12.37.03 Screen-Shot-2015-12-14-at-12.37.10

So, what we can take from these results is that men are lazier, dirtier and less likely to get laid than women. In fact, it seems that the only thing we were doing in bed was sleeping, as we slept a whopping two weeks longer this year than women.

Each sex spends over three-times longer a year talking about the weather.

They say sex should never be a competition… but trust me ladies, the battle for 2016 is well and truly on.

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