Top 4 Problems Only Bodybuilders Have To Deal With

Top 4 Problems Only Bodybuilders Have To Deal With

Top 4 Problems Only Bodybuilders Have To Deal With

Life outside of the stage can be tough. Being a massive giant of muscle can be pretty awesome in a lot of respects. However sometimes the rest of the world just doesn’t fit with that kind of size. Even though there are 100 different reasons why being a bodybuilder is fantastic, there is always the occasional reason that makes just day-to-day life more of a struggle than “normal sized” people. So if you’ve ever felt frustrated trying to fit into a nice new pair of jeans because of your massive quads  than we want to let you know you’re not alone. Here are the top 4 problems that any massive bodybuilder knows all too well.

  1. Shopping For Cloths
  2. Meal Plan
  3. Finding An Understand Partner
  4. Public Transportation

Shopping For Cloths

One of the biggest struggles of being a bodybuilder is that you are always changing your clothing size – your muscle need room to grow. Most bodybuilders find it hard to purchase jean sizes at local clothing stores because most clothing found in malls and other stores aren’t designed for large quads and tight waists. Lucky enough there are a few online stores you can shop at to combat this problem. Barbell Apparel for example sells jean’s, and other clothing specifically designed for bodybuilders and fitness athletes. Check them out here at “


Meal Plans

Eating the right food’s every day consistently can be a hassle. Not only can it can take an effect on your social life but it can also be time consuming. Bodybuilding requires athletes to eat frequent meals that are proportionate in certain nutrients. For a bodybuilder meal prepping becomes a part of there lifestyle, this ultimately determines your dedication level.


Finding An Understanding Partner

We understand that finding a partner is hard enough but when your a bodybuilder it can be even harder. Living the lifestyle of a bodybuilder is very demanding and it makes it hard for you to see woman. Sometimes girls might not understand why you are doing, what you are doing and they can’t keep up. Finding a partner who has the same interests as you in fitness or maybe even bodybuilding helps a lot!


Public Transportation

When your a bodybuilder and you need to travel on a crowded bus every day to got to work it can become a problem. Sitting on a seat designed for someone who has an “average build” can become quite tight and annoying. Even sitting in a movie theater where the seats are packed tightly together – the average person won’t see a problem…but you might need to take the extra seats to the left and right just so your arms can have enough room, as also you have to pick a special outdoor gear for you.


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