The Top 5 Gym Meme’s Of 2015

We know how certain aspects of the fitness industry can be humorous and sometimes this humor comes out in pictures or meme’s. So as the new year is fast aproaching we’ve decide to put together the top 5 gym and fitness 2015 related memes that you can use at your disposal. Some may be funnier than others depending on if you can relate. Enjoy!



Number 1

This meme targets the funny side of how most people at the gym jump onto a machine look at the weight the previous person used and judge themselves based on if they are stronger…typical lifters ego.

Number 2

This meme is targeting how most fitness and bodybuilding athletes will do anything to get the substantial amount of protein in to build muscle…even if that means eating a dead rabbit…

Number 3

This meme is targeting the humor of the old saying “you are what you eat” …oreo’s are an awesome and tasty treat, guess someone went a little over board 😳

Number 4

This meme targets all the lifters who curl in the squat rack…just don’t do it…because paybacks a B*TCH

Number 5

This meme targets pre-workouts and there effects on the body… if you take to much and it hits you, you have no choice but to wait it out….and not die.

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