Best Chest Workout Routine

Best Chest Workout Routine For Building Mass

Best Chest Workout Routine For Building Mass

One of the largest muscle groups in the upper body is the chest muscle also known as pectoralis and it contains two parts the pectoralis major and minor.

The “pec” muscles are thick and in order to target this muscle group, you need a good workout routine that will target all of its components within the major and minor (inner, outer, upper and lower pecs).

The pec muscles are built for “pushing” and when you create a pushing movement it will engage some of your shoulders and arms.

This demonstrates that you will naturally be working your deltoids and triceps as well when training your chest (these are secondary muscle groups).

Building mass on your chest will directly affect the size, spread, and depth of your upper body.

So let’s get into it!

Below is a workout routine designed for building mass on your chest – Yes it is very basic but it will definitely get the job done.

  • Exercise #1 – Incline Bench Press (4 sets of 12 reps)
  • Exercise #2 – Flat Bench Dumbbell Press (4 sets of 12 reps)
  • Exercise #3 – Parallel Bar Dips or dip bars(4 sets of 12 reps)
  • Exercise #4 –  Cable Fly’s (4 sets of 12 reps)
  • Exercise #5 – Bent Arm Pullovers (4 sets of 12 reps)

Make sure you use a weight that will ensure you just get 12 reps in on each set.

If you feel like you can do more reps after the 12 rep than you aren’t lifting heavy enough and you need to increase the weight.

Below is a break down of each exercise and why it is effective:

Incline Bench Press

There are different variations of bench press such as incline, decline, and flat bench press.

However, the incline bench press is very effective at building thickness.

Using a wide grip on the bar while on an incline will target the full chest muscle and a few secondary muscle groups as well. widening your grip will also ensure you are putting more exertion on the outer pecs and lowering the bar will put exertion on the upper to middle pecs.

Incline bench press should always be used at the beginning of your chest routine to maximize your strength on your first exercise.

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press

This exercise is another great variation of bench press.

Flat bench press works the whole chest muscle just like incline bench press! Using a wide grip on the bar will help to isolate more of the pec muscle group than other secondary muscles.

Parallel Bar Dips

This exercise is very effective for working the upper and inner pecs.

When your hands are placed at shoulder width it will target more of your chest than triceps.

If you place your hands wider on the bars than you will be working more of your outer pec and deltoids.

Cable Fly’s

Cable fly’s are a great tool to use after completing large compound movements.

They completely isolate the pec muscle and little to no secondary muscle groups are engaged during this exercise.

It is harder to lift more weight for this exercise due to a decrease in secondary muscle groups being activated.

Bent Arm Pullover

Bent arm pullovers are done by picking the weight up from the floor while you are laying flat on a bench.

While laying on the bench you reach back and grab the dumbbell or barbell and lift it over your head.

While keeping arms bent, the weight is brought up the chest in a fluid motion.

This exercise effectively stretches chest muscles as well as deltoids and triceps.

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